Sunday, 24 August 2008

Luke's very nearly finished bedroom

Well after a huge saga over the new carpet, Luke's room is finished bar the uplighter. When I originally started I didn't envisage having to put 4 coats of solo paint over an orange ceiling. Who on earth paints a ceiling orange??? Now I know why it had paper over it!

Luke wanted a Manchester United bedroom, we go! The carpet was a nightmare. The first time the fitters came they fitted the carpet and then I discovered it had a huge stain on it. How on earth they missed it I don't know. The second time there was a fault in the carpet itself. Finally the third carpet was fitted and although not totally perfect we are going with it. That's the last time I buy cheapish carpet!
This is the view looking from the landing into Luke's room, which is an L shape.

This is round the L.

This is the flag that we put up on Luke's bed so that underneath is a little den for him.

This is his cupboard/wardrobe. I have been looking for a red voile to hang up as there isn't a door on the cupboard.

This is the litter bin that I "made" for Luke. I couldn't find him a nice Utd one. In B&M I spotted a red leatherette one for £4 so I snapped it up. I used some of the leftover border to decorate it and Luke was thrilled to bits with it.


Daffycat said...

Oh wow! Luke's new bedroom looks awesome! Go Man U! Shhh, don't tell Luke but I'm really an Arsenal fan! I love the wastebasket you created...very clever!

Kristin said... did a great job with his bedroom. Way to go!

Meari said...

His bedroom looks awesome!

Shebafudge said...

Thanks ladies. It turned into a mammoth job in the end for such a small bedroom but he was so pleased with it when he saw it.

Ken's choice said...

good job with the MU bedroom, alas, I'm a Blackburn Rovers fan
having lived in Blackburn and still have lots of friends who are BR fans !!