Monday, 25 August 2008

August's update/September's goals

This is being posted a bit early as Rachael goes into hospital tomorrow to have her teeth out and I don't know if I will be blogging for a few days. Rachael has something called enamel hypoplasia which basically means that some of her teeth have no enamel on at all. These are the 4 back molars that come through as adult teeth at around the age of 5 or 6. She is also due to have 2 of her front baby teeth out because of overcrowding but one of these has fallen out and the other is loose so I will ask if they can leave that to fall out naturally. The poor girl is going to have nowhere to eat in her mouth for a few days until it heals a bit. Unfortunately as she has diabetes to throw into the mix with a general anaesthetic, I am worrying more than I should be about it. Her diabetes nurse is unfortunately on her holidays too so she won't be there to hold my hand!
September's goals are to.........
  • complete and make up the biscornu if the threads turn up.
  • work on Madonna of the Garden as much as possible until the end of September.
  • Stitch part 9 of How does your Garden Grow? when it is released middle of September.
  • Complete another Snapper month.
August's goals were to......
  • finish stitching on the biscornu. (waiting for thread to arrive.)
  • make up the biscornu. (as above.)
  • stitch part 7 and 8 of "How does your garden grow?" (done)
  • complete another month of the Snappers. (completed May and stitched a bit of Jan, Feb and Sept)
  • stitch 1000 stitches in the crossstitchcrzy SAT. (completely and utterly smashed this one! 4220 stitches in total! Obviously the school holidays have helped!!
I had another little finish, 4 in one week - must be a record!

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Kristin said...

I hope Rachael teeth removal goes smoothly. You have a great list of goals!