Friday, 29 August 2008

First ever biscornu finished

The threads came in my new stash and so yesterday I finished off the biscornu. I had ordered some stuffing as I can never find any when I need it. Sew and So had it in 250g bags. "Oh that won't go far" I thought so I bought 2!! Well I could use the bags as pillows you are ever short of stuffing, you know where to come!

The biscornu design is a Polstitches design and the fabric is Countrystitch's Christmas Eve. I was quite surprised at how big it was. For some reason I expected it to be smaller once it was made up. I am planning on using it as a pin cushion to TRY and stop me putting my needles in the sofa cushion. I don't want to use it though really.
Oh yes.............ummm..........guess what I started? Trick or Treat just accidentally fell onto the scroll bars. I have no idea how it happened.......tee hee.

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Kristin said...

Its a beautiful biscornu. Great job.