Sunday 18 September 2016

Jo's Big Birthday Bloghop

2005 - Jo was 39.  As her son grew up Jo decided to look for some part-time work and asked a friend of her's if he needed any bar staff at his new music venue.  The friend said "yes, he did" and Jo started working one evening a week while her parents looked after her son.  Within a couple of months, the working relationship became much more and Jo found herself "dating the boss".  Fortunately all worked out well for them and Jo kept her man and her job!
As her social life improved Jo's stitching life was slow and steady with only a few finishes happening.  Jo was a strict OAAT stitcher in those days.

Oh Dear!
2005 was not a memorable year for me in any way, shape or form.
Nothing much happened.Hobb Nobb's Winter Welcome - completed November 2005

It was the year that I started volunteering in school which eventually led me to where I am now careerwise!  It all started when Rachael was in Reception and came home one day saying that she had been told off by the Head Teacher for counting up to 100.  Well obviously I was furious and went stomping into school the following day, ready to rip someone's head off for daring to suggest that my daughter couldn't count up as far as she wanted to.  After explaining my 'concerns' to the class teacher - Mrs Smiley (by name and nature), she laughed and explained that the Reception curiculum target was that they should be able to count up to 20.  Obviously, I felt a bit of an idiot!!!  She suggested I come into school and helped in the classroom, playing some games with the children.  They loved it, I loved it and the rest is history.  I can't imagine not working in a school now!

I wasn't stitching much as I was working 3 different evening jobs so that one of us was always at home with the kids.  That was enough to keep me out of

Jo, I hope you have had a fabulous birthday and I am so sorry that this is late.  I spent a lot of time at A&E yesterday with Rachael and a dodgy arm!