Friday, 17 August 2018 update

Hello to anyone who is still around, the whole world seems to have switched over to Flosstube which seems to have become a bit of an obsession of mine!  There are so many talented stitchers out there showcasing their work. Even the stitch with me videos are great as I can stitch along and just listen to them talk about what's going on in their lives - but you know all this!  Rachael keeps saying that I should do my own flosstube video - honestly that girl is MAD!  Rachael is is a big fan of Flannel Jammies Farm and Luke will 'sit through' (watching but he'd never admit it!) The Addicted Sisters.

So...since I last posted I haven't really had any finishes.  I am in the middle of stitching a hardanger ring cushion for my workmate for her wedding in October.  I have just started the cutting - argggggghhhh!  It's scary!

I have stitched another page and a partial page on Poppy Dance and have now finished the top row of it.  When I pick it up, I find it hard to put it down again even if it is slow going to see any progress on it.
Poppy Dance
Marianne Broome
1 over 1 28ct white jobelan

And the whole thing so far :)
I have also finished February's part on the Under the Sea SAL from Lakeside.  Well I say finished but I need to get a thread to finish one of the fish but other than that, it's finished!  I started on May's design as that meant I didn't need to move the Q-Snap.

January and February
Under the Sea SAL
Lakeside Needlecrafts
I am still working through the focus pieces for the year for the rest of the year but I am planning on a new start in the first time for a long time.  I have started collecting the Letters from Mom (that will be getting spelt properly - sorry US readers) and plan on stitching one each for Rachael and Luke.  I'm not sure that Luke will appreciate it though.