Thursday 5 August 2010

Cut Thru Garden Shed - update

Thank you for the comments about being missing. It was great to know that there are still people reading my blog.

Here, as promised, is my update on the Garden Shed. I have to admit that I have really enjoyed getting back to this one. It is a nice easy stitch with some blocks that are a good size and the odd fiddly bit just to keep my interest. I would like to finish page 6 before the children go back to school in September.

Tuesday 3 August 2010

No longer missing in action!

And I thought that not posting for 2 months was bad when I posted last time! With coursework, kids activities and all sorts of other things stopping me from stitching I haven't blogged because I'm not sure that anyone else wants to know what else I am up to!

I have been trying to make at least 15 minutes a day to get a bit of stitching done. I have made a ring cushion for my mum's friend. She got married on 26th July. This was the first time I have done Hardanger on such a scale and the thought of actually cutting the threads had me shaking every time I got the scissors near it! The photos have come out really dark but it is a really beautiful design from Col's Creations. The bride and groom both loved it apparently!

I also made a wall hanging for Rachael's teacher as she was leaving primary school and he has been a fantastic teacher. He is a huge Nottingham Forest fan so I got a chart of their badge and used that as well as personalising it for him.

Mr Whittle seemed to be pleased with it too according to Rachael.
I am absolutely determined to finish something biggish this year. I am concentrating on Bothy Threads Cut Thru Garden Shed. The chart is over 9 pages and so far I have done 5 pages of actual stitching. There is masses and masses of back stitch which I will have to do after the stitching is finished. I will post a progress picture after tonight' stitching and then try to do an update once a week.