Friday, 23 October 2009

Halloween Exchange received

I received my Halloween Exchange yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous! The green and orange fabric is much brighter in real life - the flash washed it out a bit. The cross stitch is perfect, I wish mine was that nice! The teddy has been named as Pumpkin by the children and so far I have been allwed to keep him! The variagated thread is a lovely colour too and will come in handy once I get back into some hardanger. There is also a piece of the green backing fabric too.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts on my car trouble last week - they really are much appreciated.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

What gives them the right to....

...smash my car window and see if I have anything worth stealing? I took the children to the cinema on Sunday afternoon and came out to find my window smashed. It was little consolation to see several other cars in the same predicament.

The cinema staff were great, the manager filled out a report and filed it with the police and sent two members of staff to clear all the glass so we could drive home. We had forensics come out yesterday and they found several sets of fingerprints, however, I'm guessing that one set will be mine, one set Colin's and probably the other set will be the guy who fixed the glass in the window.

The insurance company were good too. The window was repaired Sunday night, the cheque for my personal belongings will be in the post in the next couple of days and the garage are collecting the car tomorrow to repair the bit of the door where the thieves had prised it. So if you are renewing your insurance LV are now highly recommended in my eyes!

I was really surprised that the police have taken it so seriously. I was expecting it to be a case of here's a crime number and off you go. They really have been really helpful and although I don't actually expect them to catch anyone at least it is being treated well. Amazing really when they have so many more serious crimes possibly to deal with!

The two ladies who came to do the fingerprints, obviously took mine as elimination but they also took Luke's for him too because he was so interested in what they were doing! They don't take prints like they do on TV though!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Blog Frog

After seeing the link on Daffycat's blog, I have signed up for Theblogfrog too. It should be great to see everyone's blogs and hopefully I will discover some new blogs too.

How's this for customer service? I emailed The Daylight Company about my bulb dying on me so shortly after purchase and was told that they don't guarantee the bulbs because it depends on how often and for how long they are used etc. In the post today was a new bulb free of charge from them. Fantastic customer service from them and I can get back to some stitching...woohoo!!

Thank you for all your comments on my new job, I really appreciate them. I'm really excited but a bit apprehensive too. It's very different to what I have been doing in school but is going to be a role where I could really make a different to someone's achievement in school.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Fantastic News!!

I had a job interview today........and.........I GOT IT!!!!!

I start on 2nd November as a teaching assistant working one to one supporting a lad who is one exclusion away from permanent exclusion. Should be a challenge!

I go in next week to thrash out my exact hours, role and whatnot before starting. I'm quite excited.

On a not so positive note...I can't do any stitching at the minute because the bulb has gone in my lamp. My eyesight these days is not good enough to stitch on anything other than 14 count aida in the dark and gloomy evenings so no stitching til I get another bulb!

I finally posted off my final assignment for my last OU course. Now I just have to wait until the end of December for the result. In a couple of weeks the next course starts which is Understanding the Autistic Spectrum. Should be interesting and relates to work this time.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Think Pink

This is just a little quickie for anyone that lives near a Hobbycraft. They have got a fantastic pink bolt of fabric for breast cancer awareness. It is pink - obviously - with tiny little pink ribbons on it. Would be a fab backing fabric. It was £13 something a metre but I think you can get as little as 10 cm unless that has changed. I know a lot of ladies stitch for this cause. If anyone wants me to pick some up for them email me and let me know.

My bulb has given up the ghost in my lamp - I'm so cross as it isn't very long since I bought it. I have emailed Daylight to see what they say but I don't expect to hear anything much back. We shall see!!

Thank you for all the comments you leave, although I don't tend to respond to them generally, I do appreciate every single comment. It is always nice to discover new blogs through the comments too. Thank you for visiting!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Halloween exchange

I have heard that my halloween exchange arrived safely, so here is what I stitched for it. It is the Brittercup Designs ornie from Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue 2008. I left off the heart in the end. It was fun to stitch but was actually the first time I had stitched a whole design over 1. I would still like to do this one for myself sometime too.
Rachael went back to school today. She is still complaining of earache but is much better in herself and has finished the antibiotics. Hopefully the earache will keep clearing and not get worse again!
I'm still stitching the needlebook for the exchange so can't show that. Well actually I say still stitching, I found one that I liked even better so I have started stitching that for my exchange partner instead. Summer in Sussex is comming on great and hopefully I will be ready to begin construction by the end of the week. I will take some photos tomorrow when there is decent light and post my progress.

Friday, 2 October 2009

New stash to fondle

Long long ago...well March in fact, I received a gift certificate for which is definitely my favourite ONS. As I wanted the JCS ornament issue, Amy held the rest of the order for me until it was in. Today it arrived!!!

I got some finishing forms to try as I would like some round ornies but there isn't much chance of me doing that with my finishing skills without a bit of cheating! L*K Housework never killed anyone, Winter thread pal and Winter Wonderland chart to complete it, CCN Mermaids, Nora Corbett Bluebell and Letter R, Blue Ribbons Behind the Gate and of course the magazine too. Our postie must have wondered what was up with me. I had rung the sorting office this morning to see if they were delivering it today as I had paid the customs charge on Wednesday so I knew it was on its way. He knocked on the door and I opened it with a huge grin on my face and near enough snatched it off him! Well it makes a change from bills and junk mail!!
Rachael has been poorly all week with an ear infection and flu symptoms. She was seen by the doctor on Monday and given anti biotics that are apparently her first lot since she was 1. I find that really hard to believe although in truth I can't remember her having any. She is 10 now so I suppose that must show she is a pretty healthy child - well apart from her
I am working on a needlebook for the Tiny Treasures Too exchange at the moment so once again my stitching is secret. I have also made a start on Summer in Sussex but have only done half the roof so far which means it is not really worth a progress piccie at the minute.
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