Wednesday 30 December 2009's over 2 months!!

Oh Crikey.........2 months!!!!

I haven't done hardly any stitching at all with doing my autism course. It is proving to be a bit more demanding that any of the other courses I have done. I suspect that is because I haven't got any previous knowledge of the subject to draw on. It is a very interesting course though and I would recommend it to anyone.

Lindsay sent me a gorgeous PIF a while ago. It is a cute little biscornu. Thank you Lindsay and sorry it took me so long to let you know. She also sent me some lovely threads to go with it. The batteries are flat in the camera so I will have to get some new ones to post a pic.

As for stitching goals this year, I really failed miserably with them! I have revised them for 2010. I kept the ones that I haven't managed to do and would like to stitch an ornament a month again (think I managed 6 this year in the end).


Anything that is a WIP/UFO currently is fair game to be worked on during the year.

I will not buy any new stash other than magazines this year but I would like a piece of fabric for a halloween project so hopefully someone (Colin are you reading this?) will get me that for my birthday.

Not much has happened really in the 2 months I haven't posted.
  • I started my new job which is challenging but enjoyable.
  • Rachael became a junior playleader at school and helps at dinnertime to keep the younger children amused and happy.
  • Rachael is training as a peer mediator at school so she can help children with minor counselling issues at playtimes etc.
  • Luke was voted onto the school council to represent his class (25 votes to 7 as he keeps telling me!)
  • I passed my last OU course which I was pleased about and was only a few marks off getting a distinction which would have been nice.
  • Rachael performed in her first recorder concert which was brilliant and we all really enjoyed it.
If you have made it this far feel free to give yourself a pat on the back! I will try to post more regularly in 2010 - perhaps that should be one of my goals too!!
***** HAPPY NEW YEAR *****