Monday, 4 August 2008

How does your garden grow parts 7&8

I have finished stitching parts 7 and 8 and done the beading for parts 6,7 and 8. I am loving stitching this design. It is looking fabulous. There are some great colours schemes on the Papillon Creations website that people have sent in. I would love to stitch this again in a different colour scheme......perhaps autumnal colours. Part 9 won't be out until the middle of September so I'm going to have a loooong wait for it!

The beads don't really show up very well in the photos. They are Mill Hill gold seed beads.
I have been having a look at some of my WIPs and trying to decide which one to work on next. I would like to finish another something before I start "Trick or Treat". I ordered all the beads and Kreiniks yesterday but I still can't settle on a fabric for it.
I am going to get one of the Snappers finished next which will have me well on target for my August goals!!


Meari said...

That is SO pretty!

Ken's choice said...

I like that HOW DOES MY GARDEN GROW a lot, beautyful colours, well done.
where did you get that thing what shows the countries ??