Saturday 30 June 2012

Theme-a-licious update for June

Well this month I have stitched predominately on Helen and Kev's wedding sampler. It is finished but I am not going to post a picture until after they have received it. It's only fair that they get to see it before everyone else does!! I cannot possibly think of a story to tie this one into the theme so it will just have to be a 'fail'.

I also stitched on Luke's cushion - it has grass in it and some animals eat grass - that's my theory and I'm sticking to it!!

I finished part one of ATWi80S and have to say it looks absolutely awesome! Not a word I use often but it does!!

I managed to make a start on Cinderella which my aunt asked my mum to ask me if I would stitch it for my cousin! Nothing like going around the houses to get something done is there?

I have also made some progress on Two Little Love Birds (Love Thy Threads) which is coming on a treat. It is a lovely easy stitch and it is so nice to have a decent size chart to stitch from without first having to blow it up to work out what the symbols are.

On a non stitching front, the exam didn't go as well as I thought it had - well at least I don't think it has.  I have to wait until 3rd August to get my result.  I have lodged a complaint with the OU regarding the paper along with many other candidates.  32% of the mark came down to knowing 4 pages of the course materials.   I was revising a full lever arch file, 3 books, 2 DVD's and the UNCRC. Fingers crossed I have done better than I think...but I doubt it!

Sunday 10 June 2012

Bad blogger...that's me!

In fact at the moment I am a bad blogger, bad stitcher, bad everything.  My whole life at the moment revolves around cramming enough knowledge into my head so that I can pass my exam which is on Thursday.  YIKES! Colin took the kids to his parents so I have had child free time to study which has been good and it's rained the whole time here which is also good as I don't feel like I was missing out on doing something else.

I have done a little stitching this month but not a lot.  The camera battery is dead so I can't show any pictures until later on but I have finished off the licquorice allsorts design which is then going out as a RR. I have done a bit on Helen and Kev's wedding sampler.  This is going to be focused on once the exam is out of the way so that they do finally get it!  If you see me stitching on anything else, shout at me.

Around the World has 1 heart completely finished other than beads.  I will work on that too once the exam is out of the way but of course not until I have finished the wedding one.  I have also put a few stitches into Two Little Love Birds but not many!

My cousin has asked me if I will stitch a design for her.  Now why I didn't find out what design it was first before I said yes, I don't know.  So I have now got the fabric to stitch JE's Cinderella from Cross Stitch Gold.  I did warn her that I was not the quickest stitcher and not to expect it for a good while.

I think that is all the news on the stitching front.  Nothing much else to say unless you want to hear all about my I don't really, I'm sure you won'  I have been reading the odd blog between studying but I haven't left comments.  I do feel really bad about that, so please accept my apologies.  Normal service will be resumed very shortly.

And finally....welcome to my new followers, I'm really pleased you're here. x x