Saturday 13 April 2013

Giveaway again

Katie had been in touch so I will be getting her prize in the post on Monday.  Thanks to those who put out messages for her :)

Friday 12 April 2013

My 'wooden' giveaway

I have still not heard from Katie despite repeatedly emailing her.  I have also left a comment on her last blog post for her to contact me.  If anyone knows her in real life could you please let her know that she won and I'm trying to get in touch with her.  I will redraw the names if I don't hear from Katie by 17th April.

(Jo, I wanted to send yours and Katie's at the same time so I haven't forgotten you :)

Sunday 7 April 2013

Sort of a WIPocalypse/Theme-a-licious update

There hasn't been an awful lot of stitching this month.  My course is really intense and taking up nearly all of my spare time.  Rachael and Luke didn't even know they had a mum for the first week of the Easter holiday as all my time was spent at the kitchen table writing an assignment.  Still we can have a fun week this week.

I am still waiting on Katie getting back to me about winning - I wonder if she is on holiday somewhere hot and sunny?

So this is my progress on Cut Thru Stable which I am doing as a Monday night SAL with Linda and Debbie.  There is now 8 of us stitching various Cut Thru designs.  If anyone wants to join in with us just let one of us know.

This is my progress on Chatelaine's Roses of Paris so far.  I have ordered the rest of the silks and will be hopefully getting them in the next couple of weeks.  I am really enjoying stitching it and have only got a little bit to do before I can move onto the next area.  Do I go up and do the Eiffel Tower or down and do the metro station?  I think I might leave the Eiffel Tower until last actually.

I am slowly moving all the blog links over to bloglovin' which I am finding easy to use so far.

I'm sure I have some other news to share but can't for the life of me think what it is...oh well!

Friday 5 April 2013

Belatedly...and the winner is...

Well let's face it, you would probably faint if I did something on time, wouldn't you?  So follow the photos and find out the winner.

The bowl of destiny, aka my cereal bowl...

...the boy of fortune (aka Luke)

hmmmm.....I wonder....which one shall I choose?

I think I like the look of that one...

Can you read it?

No?  How about now?

Still a bit blurry?  Well how about now then? 

***** Congratulations Katie *****

Can you email me your address please and I will get your 'woody' prize in the post to you.

There was one comment that really made me chuckle so Jo, for being so 'wooden' and giving me the idea in the first place, I'm going to send you a little something too.  I'm pretty sure I have your address but will shout if I have filed it somewhere I can't find it!!