Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goals - yearly and for January

I am thinking that I might try to 'structure' my stitching a little more this coming year.  I am taking part in several of the SAL's and Challenges that are organised.

So far I have signed up for:
  • Gifted Gorgeousness (organised by Jo)
  • Turtle Trot (organised by Claudette)
  • Debbie's Super Duper Ultimate January/February Challenge (organised by Linda)
  • WIPocalypse 2015 (organised by Melissa)
  • Stitch from Stash 2015 (organised by Mel)
  • Holmsey Hare SAL (organised by Gaynor on facebook)
So with all this in mind, I am thinking about setting some goals for each one and perhaps seeing either more progress or more finishes than normal!

January goals

  • A new project every day...yikes!  Some of these will be WIP's...well more UFO's so they will seem like new projects anyway :)
  • Stitch Holmsey Hare for January.
  • Make good progress on Honeysuckle Courtyard as Colin's parents 50th is in April (at least 4 bands).
  • Not spend any of my SfS budget.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Gifted Gorgeousness projects

Our Serendipitous friend, Jo, is hosting a Gifted Gorgeousness SAL this year.  As she notes, we all have received gorgeous gifts, giveaways etc from other stitchers and this SAL is to encourage us to actually stitch them!  Follow the link to her blog to get the full rules.

I have been gifted or otherwise given quite a few things and have pulled some from my stash to work on this year.  Some of these are also going to form part of my DSDUCJC starts too.

I don't have a photo of Penguin Parade but just imagine a line of penguins!  The fabric was gifted to me by Jo.
gifted the chart and button

gifted the chart

gifted the chart

gifted the chart

gifted the chart

gifted the chart

gifted a gift certificate which I used to buy some of the threads

Mini Checking It Twice
gifted the chart

As Jo is Queen of Shoehorning, I feel quite justified in saying that this fits the Gifted Gorgeousness by being something gorgeous that I will be gifting to Colin's parents in April.  That's my theory...and I'm sticking to it! (edited:  Argggghhhh...just re-read the rules and Jo has already allowed this...rats!)

Monday, 29 December 2014

Turtle Trot 2015

I love this picture that Claudette used for announcing Turtle Trot 2015.  In case you have been on Mars for the last few years, you choose 10 projects to stitch on and post about them on 10th of each month.

Mine are going to be: my 2 Chatelaines - Paris Roses and Gardens of London with all the following too.

I will put a current progress photo on once we take the Christmas decorations down and I can have my stitching out again!!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Debbie's Super Duper Ultimate Crazy January Challenge

This is being organised by Linda in memory of Debbie who most people knew.  She died suddenly but was such a wonderful, supportive stitcher that we are honouring her memory with this.  As Linda has said that we can include WIP's for each day as well as new starts, I am going to try to work on a different project for each day of January and February.

Some of these projects are going to be the same as my Gifted Gorgeousness and Turtle Trot pieces...there are only so many I can have on the go at any one time!

So here you go (and in no particular order)...

Shakespearean Fantasy

Mini Checking It Twice

So there you go, there are the first 35. 

I am going to get my Santa's Village finished this year so there are another 9 starts :)
I also want to finish the LK monthly that I started years ago.  I have Ma fnished and February half started so that could be a further 10 starts.  35 + 9 + 10 = 54 so I need another 5 and I am done! Hmmm...I think I will choose a couple of Holmsey Hare Christmas charts to do as well.

There you go Linda...I made it to 59!

(edited to remove the duplicates and correct the adding up! Thank you Jo - it's a good job you were paying attention ;) )