Tuesday 26 March 2013

5th blogoversary

Hello...it's my blogoversary today.  5 years, where has the time gone?  Below I have copied and pasted my first ever post.  I wonder how many readers today have read it before?  None I suspect.

Blogging - I'm a blogger!!

Well where do I start? I suppose the first thing to do is to let everyone know who I am!
I am Sharon, 39, and married. I have 2 wonderful children - Rachael, 8, ( who also has Type 1 diabetes) and Luke, 6. We have 3 dopey cats - Sheba, Biskey and Smudge. We also have 4 goldfish but I don't have a clue what they are called these days as their names changed from day to day when we first got them 2 years ago.

I work as a teaching assistant in a primary school which I absolutely love. I get the best of both worlds - job satisfaction and loads of holidays. Contrary to public opinion we do not get paid these holidays, teachers do, we don't!! Currently I am in a Year 1 class (age 5 -6 years) but I have worked across just about all ages in the past.

My main hobby is cross stitching. If I live to 100 there is a vague chance that I could stitch all my stash but I doubt it. My favourite designs are Mirabilia, Amanda Loverseed's Cut Thru's and Lizzie Kate's for a quick stitch. I recently compiled a list of my WIP's and UFO's.........that was a scary job!!

I also enjoy stamp collecting, not philately - there is a difference! I collect stamps from Great Britain and butterflies from all over the world. I only started collecting again after Christmas 2007 but I am rapidly building my collection again!!
My daughter has Type 1 diabetes and has done since November 2005. This was a total bolt from the blue as there is no history of it in either family. She manages this fantastically, currently with 4 injections a day but we are currently having pump training. Soon she will be the proud owner of a pump - and she can't wait!! Rachael is under Dr Doughty at St Mary's in Manchester. Both him and Marie the diabetes nurse are fabulous and I can't recommend them enough. We only moved there in August 2007 after becoming disillusioned with our previous hospital.

Well there have been a fair few changes in 5 years but nothing major.

Let me see...well obviously I'm 44 now...lol.  We only have 2 cats now, Sheba had to be put to sleep a couple of years ago.  The 4 goldfish became 16 danios - don't worry no black magic was used :)

I'm still a teaching assistant but at a different school.  I no longer work in class but provide SEN support across school but mainly Key Stage 2.  I've also completed 2/3 of a degree in Childhood and Youth Studies now.

My taste in designers hasn't changed massively but it has broadened somewhat.  I still have little no chance of completing all my stash before I die.

Now, if you are still awake, here's the interesting bit...a giveaway.  Jo, of Serendipitous Stitching, pointed out that for a 5th wedding anniversary is traditional to give wood.  So my giveaway is a log.  No...only kidding.  My plan is to make up a package filled with some wood themed stitchy bits.  So for example there might be a chart from White WILLOW Stitching...get it?

If you would like to enter the giveaway please leave a comment on this post only.  I will choose a winner on Easter Monday but it may take me a couple of weeks to get everything together.  I'm not doing this to get new followers or anything like that so would ask that it isn't posted to other blogs.  Let's face it, the less it is advertised, the more chance you have of winning :)

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Prayers worked

All the prayers and good wishes have obviously worked as Colin has just started a job with the company.  It is only a 4 month contract initially but Nick, his boss, has said that it is a foot the door.  Hopefully when this contract is up there will be some more work for him - fingers crossed.  So thank you to everyone who sent good thoughts and prayers our way.

I haven't had much time for stitching as I am currently studying an OU module which is really hard work.  It is a level 3 course, equivalent to the last year at a brick university and is Research with children and young people.  This is an area that I am not familiar with, especially the key terms.  One of the set books has turned me into a Pavlov dog and every time I even think about reading it, I start yawning.  I received the mark back from my first assignment and it was the lowest mark I have ever received (this is my 8th module), so I must need to study even harder.

Apart from the updates I have posted over the last couple of days, I have stitched on Roses of Paris and Sweet Pea Pixie.

Chatelaine Designs - Roses of Paris
Nora Corbett - Sweet Pea Pixie
I also had a birthday on March 8th and Mother's Day on March 10th.  With Colin not having a job we were supposed to be having a very cheap birthday without presents apart from the children giving ONE SMALL THING. The capitals are because despite agreeing to the rule, Colin was unable to keep it.  I was very lucky and received the Tiny Treasured Diamond kit and the chart and threads for JBW's Halloween.

Then I received nearly all the silk threads for Roses of Paris.  I have to say my favourite is the Northern Lights (magenta) which is divine in real life.

And finally...

each year they bake me a cake.  Now I'm not saying I'm a chocolate fan or anything but as you can see by the cake I do enjoy a little nibble :)

Tuesday 19 March 2013


It's my blogoversary soon...what can I do?  I need some ideas and fancy doing something a bit different to celebrate 5 years.  Nothing springs to mind though.

Monday 18 March 2013

Belated (for a change) Turtle Trot update

These are the pieces I have worked on for my Turtle Trotting this month.  First up is LK's 6 Fat Men.  The new bit is the blue for his scarf in the top left picture and the writing in the box next to it.

A little bit of progress has been made on Santa's House.

I think that the outline for ATW is new since my last update but I should have checked first really.

A little progress for John Clayton's Racing one.  I ran out of DMC928 though which is a pain - I will just have to put an order in with sewandso.co.uk now ;)

Sunday 17 March 2013

TUSAL update

Here is my belated (well you wouldn't expect me to be on time, would you?) TUSAL update.  I think the time is coming when I will need to squash it down before adding each month's TUSAL's on top.