Sunday, 3 August 2008

Build a bear workshop

The children have wanted to go to Build a Bear for ages. This week I finally took them. We had a good look at the website before we went so they had a good idea of what bears there were etc. Luke liked the look of a scruffy dog or the triceratops. Rachael liked just about all of them!

When we got there the children had a good look at all the different bears and animal. Luke settled on the scruffy dog as there weren't any triceratops in store. Rachael decided on a gorgeous white bear with little pink bits over it. After listening to all the voices, both of the children decided that they didn't want a voice and to be honest they all sounded a bit tinny. The both watched as their bears were stuffed for them and made a wish on the heart that went into the bear.
We went and fluffed up the bears and then started looking at outfits. We had told the children that we would buy one outfit for them each but if they wanted anything else they had to buy it out of their spends. Luke was happy to choose a Man Utd kit, boots and a baseball hat with Utd on so he paid for his hat. Rachael ended up with a pair of pyjamas, a pink dress and a skirt with a top and some sparkly high heels.

After we had all the clothes, we went to get the birth certificates made up. The kids enjoyed thinking of the new names for their stuffed toys. Scruffy (very original!) and Sprinkles. The children were very impressed with the box they came home in and both of them have been busily colouring in the bears etc on the box to make a really colourful box.

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Meari said...

How cute. I've been to a store and watched bears being built.