Saturday, 8 November 2008

October review and November goals

October's goals were........
  • to complete TOT in time for Halloween. (well a couple of days late but done!)
  • complete fancy fiber exchange (done)
  • complete autumn/halloween exchange (done - lady didn't bother to let me know if it arrived or not)
  • stitch unicorn card in time for Debbie's birthday (not yet)
  • at least one Snapper (half done)
  • some of Cut Thru Garden Shed (not touched it)
November's goals are.......
  • complete 2 snappers
  • complete 2 Christmas ornaments (1 for exchange and 1 for my mum)
  • stitch unicorn card
  • start Historical Sampler design from CS Collection
  • catch up with How does your garden Grow?

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