Sunday, 23 November 2008

Girlie shopping trip

Last week I asked Rachael if she would like a girlie trip out somewhere to buy her some trendier closthes. She was thrilled at the idea and so today we left the boys at home and headed to The Trafford Centre for some retail therapy. The first stop was Lush where we got some bath bombs and new lip salve. Rachael was completely overwhelmed at all the different aromas, textures etc of their products and would have spent a fortune if allowed. That was as far as the shopping got as Rachael decided she was starving so we got lunch. We both had pasta which was delicious and then headed back to the shops!

We ended up with a few clothes for Rachael but not a lot. She got a LBD from H&M for £10 which looks fabulous on her, makes her look really grown up. 2 cardigans from Gap which were a bargain at £31 for them both (should have been about £47). In next she found 4 pairs of trousers which she needed age 11 for the length of her legs. They will be loose round the waist but hopefully she will fill out a bit soon. We also picked up 2 pairs for Luke too so he didn't feel completely left out.

We went in the Build a Bear store but after seeing the queue snaking right round the store, decided to order online instead! In the Disney Store there was a soft toy that Rachael had wanted last time but decided it was too much to spend her money on. Today it had 33% off so we bought it and it will go away for Christmas, even though she knows.

We had a brilliant time and it was so nice to spend some quality time with Rachael on her own doing something that she really wanted to. I am going to try to think of something to do with Luke in a couple of weeks so we can have some special time together. I can't see him wanting to go shopping for the day.

I have had a couple of finishes recently but one is for an exchange so I will post it in a few days. The other is an ornament I made for my mum but the camera is low on batteries so I can't post that one either.

I have had a new start too which was in Cross Stitch Collection and is a gorgeous Christmas Sampler. There isn't enough progress to make it worth showing yet.


Daffycat said...

What a nice day out!

Beth said...

Oh, I love Build A Bear! I have 5 of them!

It sounds like you and Rachel had a nice day out together.

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