Tuesday 12 November 2013

Just Cross Stitch - the top 5

Jan of Thread Garden fame has recently posted her top 5 designs from this year's edition of Just Cross Stitch ornament issue.  So here is my top 5...

5.  Pickle Barrel Designs - Peace on Earth
4. Plum Pudding Needleare - Let it Snow
3. Acorn House Designs - Poinsettia
2. Angel Stitching - Be Jolly
1. The Victoria Sampler - Gingerbread Cupcake

Sadly the chances of me stitching the Gingerbread cupcake are next to none as it will be fairly expensive for all the embellishments considering it is just a Christmas decoration.

There are several more that I like except they have something 'wrong' with them that puts me off.  For example I love Rosewood Manor's Peace Bird except for the colours.  I keep thinking it would be lovely stitched as a little robin sitting on a holly branch.  I do love the twigs used to frame it, fab idea.  I won't bore you with all my little moans about what I would have to change to make designs stitchable for me though :)

So what's your top 5 stitches for the issue?


Shirlee said...

There are oh so many good ones in this year's magazine : ) Mine are as follows:

5 - Dames of the Needle - Windy Night
4 - Blue Ribbon Designs - Redbirds Rejoice
3 - CCN - Snowbirds
2 - Plum Street Samplers - A Christmas Stocking
1 - BBD - Peace

Christine said...

Tricky, there weren't that many that really grabbed me this year.
I think:-

5 The Sampler Girl - O Night Divine
4 The Workbasket - Merry Merry
3 CCN - Snowbirds
2 Needle Bling Designs - Frosty Snowflake
1 Plum Street Samplers - Stocking

stitchersanon said...

I didnt even bother getting it. I was disappointed last year big time..didnt stitch a single one. And the recipes are all packets! How can they be recipes if your just mixing one packet of stuff with another? rofl...Bah JCS humbug!!!

stitchersanon said...
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Jan Gartlan said...

We have 2/5 the same! Interesting to read everyone's point of view :)

Mii Stitch said...

I haven't got the issue sadly but saw the Be Jolly pic from Angel Stitching on someone else's blog & really love that one ;) So for me it would be my number 1!!! Have fun stitching yours

Linda said...

Great choices Sharon. I really haven't even looked at mine yet.


Annette-California said...

Oh if you only knew how you've inspired me. I so much have been wanting to stitch Gingerbread cupcake. When I saw your list and read your comment about next to none stitching it due to the expense, I had an idea:) Long story short I am going to be emailing you privately.
Love your choices of ornaments to stitch. love Annette

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You inspired me to make my own list! Mine seems to be quite different from anyone else's...

I suppose that shows there is something for everyone in the magazine.