Saturday, 6 September 2008

Where has the time gone?

Crikey it's ages since I wrote anything. Back to work this week which has severely cut into any stitching, blogging and everything else time.

I have worked on Trick or Treat this week. I have focused on the moon. A few days ago I managed to stitch half the moon and then frog half the moon. Today I finished the Kreinik on the moon and found from the backstitch that I am out...............grrrrrrr! I think I am going to have to frog the entire moon and restitch it because I can't for the life of me see where I have gone wrong. I suspect that the reason for this is because I have been stitching when I am tired which is never a good idea.

My September goals have kind of gone by the board as I really want to complete Trick or Treat in time to hang her for Halloween. The next part of "How does Your Garden Grow?" is released soon and might have to hang on until this is done.

I have been asked about the fabric for TOT a couple of times. She is being stitched on Monet from Picture this Plus. (28 count Lugana.) It is a really beautiful could and a joy to stitch on.

The children started back at school this week which has seen them being tired and grumpy. A nice moment yesterday happened though. Luke's teacher from last year asked him how he was enjoying Year 3 and he said "It's well good" with real enthusiasm in his voice. As he said it though his teacher for this year came past and overheard. Year 3 is when they are put in houses and he is really pleased with getting house points for good work and behaviour. I didn't think he would be interested in house points as it would be too abstract an idea for him but he is really up for them. Rachael is enjoying being in Year 5 but I think she would rather not have me in her classroom.

My timetable got changed yesterday. I am going to be in charge of managing science and maths resources. Woo hoo! Oh wait that just means I get to tidy the cupboards out! Still at least it will give me a little break from the classroom. Supporting Year 5 is VERY different from Year 1 and I feel a bit of a spare part at times. For instance in Year 1, when the teacher is giving the input (that's teaching to my generation) I would be ensuring children are paying attention on the carpet and not distracting others or messing. In Year 5 I just sit there like a lemon. I am so used to being hands on with the little ones that it feels very odd to be in a calm, orderly class.

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Kristin said...

I'm glad your son is having such a good year. Hope your daughter's year goes just as smoothly.