Friday, 12 September 2008

The most miserable post in the entire history of blogging I should think!

This is going to be a miserable post so if you are already feeling down, come back for the next post!

So far in the last week or so we have had.........

Sheba, our 11 year old cat diagnosed with diabetes. She is having twice daily injections and needs to have a glucose curve which is a blood test every 2 hours to check her blood sugars. The needles and insulin are going to cost about £100 per month which is money we can ill afford. However, we can't have her put down for what is in effect a very treatable condition and if we did what sort of message would we be sending to our daughter who has diabetes. We also have to collect a urine sample which is proving very good fun.........not!

Biskey, Rachael's 1 year old kitten/cat has vanished. He went missing last Saturday night and we can find no trace of him. Colin spent most of Sunday out looking and thankfully found no evidence of RTA's etc. We have put up posters and rang all the vets, rescue centres etc that we can find but nothing at all has turned up. I thought we might at least get a couple of crank callers but nothing.

At work I have been "promoted" to assistant resource manager. This means that I am allowed to tidy out the cupboards under supervision!! Not quite what I had in mind. I also work in the mornings with a teacher who doesn't actually know what to do with a teaching assistant and has me mostly glueing and sticking.............ok for year 1 but not so good for year 5's who should be capable of doing it themselves!! I am feeling very under utilised at the moment and quite bored which I have never been before in school!

And finally on a cross stitching note, TOT is turning into a nightmare. So far, the bottom half of the moon has been stitched 3 times as I made a real hash of it. The swirls have been stitched twice as have various other bits. It is a mark of how much I like this design because anything else would have been consigned to the bin by now! If this was my first ever Nora Corbett design, it would put me off for life!!

That is all my current woes. If you now feel miserable, I apologise. It is quite unusual for me to be feeling this fed up!


Anonymous said...

Oh Sharon, I'm so sorry to hear about Sheba and Biskey. It is so expensive to treat animals long term isn't it. I do hope Biskey turns up.

Umm, cupboards. That sounds interesting - not. This woman doesn't sound like she has a clue! I hope she realises soon that you are a useful addition to the classroom and not just there to do the crappy stuff.

I have ToT to do. I'm not sure I'll tackle her just at the moment though. It's strange how that can happen sometimes with a project. I've done a couple like that and they've ended up in the bin where as other people haven't had a problem with them. If you want someone else to have a look at it for you, let me know. Sometimes a second pair of eyes helps :o)

Kristin said...

{{{Hugs}}}...I'm sorry about the problems with Sheba and Biskey.

Daffycat said...