Thursday, 26 December 2013

Shirlee's quilts

I have mentioned a few times about the quilts that Shirlee made for Rachael and Luke a few years ago.  Jo asked if there was a link to them anywhere.

The top 2 photos are of Luke's quilts and the bottom 2 are Rachael's.  The photos were taken on our bed so I could get the whole quilt in easier.  Although I always knew they appreciated all the work that has gone into the quilts, even I was surprised just how much they both treasure them.  Just getting them off the bed to wash now and again is a job and a half!


Chris said...

The quilts are lovely!
I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas.

Linda said...

Beautiful quilts Sharon.


Denise SA said...

Lovely quilts and so nice the children appreciate them

Shirlee said...

I'm so glad that Rachael & Luke are still enjoying those quilts : ) And thank you for posting the photos! I forever lost mine when Webshots disappeared : (

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

They really are gorgeous quilts and made with so much love.

Thanks for sharing.