Saturday, 9 November 2013

Rachael's bedroom

No stitching so far today.  Today was the day the carpet was being fitted in Rachael's room and we could finally get her new furniture and get all her junk things out of our bedroom and Luke's room.  The day started well with a visit to Ikea.  We arrived at 9.20am only to find Ikea didn't open until 10.00am...grrrr.  Never mind, Sainsbury's was next door so we went for our breakfast instead.  After munching my way through toast, scrambled egg, mushroom and a bit of bacon (Rachael had a sausage and bacon sandwich) we went back to Ikea and picked up the first lot of furniture.  After a fight with the back seats of the car, we were loaded up and raced back home.  Carpet fitted and hoovered, we started assembling.  I have to say that the instructions were absolutely fantastic and we soon had Rachael's desk assembled.  I told Rachael she was to help and she probably made up 2/3's of it on her own with me overseeing it.  I explained to her that if she learns now she won't need to have a bloke around to do it for her when she is older.

Our second trip to Ikea was for a huge bookcase, extra shelves and 2 drawer units for the storage unit, oh and 2 doors for the storage unit too.

So this shot is of most of her room as it is at the moment.  She has to wait until 20th November for her new bed to arrive and we have already sold her old one so she is on a mattress on the floor for a couple of weeks.

This is the bedside table we got.  It has lovely deep drawers in which will be a bonus for all the bits and bobs she has accumulated.  The jelly babies are for hypo treatment when she has had enough of glucose tablets!

Below is the shelving unit that Rachael put together single handedly.  I'm very proud of her doing it by herself and I suppose it shows how clear the instructions were.  Not sure what is in the cardboard box but she can get that shifted tomorrow...or else!

And finally...the desk that we started with.  The chair was out of stock so she has her old chair for now but I am going to the Warrington Ikea tomorrow to get the chair, a large chest of drawers and some storage boxes. 


Linda said...

Oh I love the bright pink wall and the pink and white desk. Great job Sharon.


Robin said...

So fun to rearrange and get new 'stuff'. I could shop at Ikea once a month! Love that store. The room looks good. Like the pink walls. How fun.

Shirlee said...

Love the room redo thus far : )

Lesley said...

Lovely room, it will be a great place for a young lady to chill/study:-) Warrington Ikea is our closest store,it boggles my mind with the sheer number of things one could purchase..the desk younger son took to London with him is really good quality though.

Catherine said...

Love it!

SoCal Debbie said...

I bought a large white bookcase from Ikea for my daughter, too! Love the pink wall and pink trim on the desk.

Mii Stitch said...

Don't we love Ikea??? I have exactly the same shelves & chose the pink doors & drawers... This is where I stock all my cross stitch stash :P Her room is looking really pretty!

Bonnie Brown said...

Bright Pink!
Not a pink girl, but for those that are, I'm sure they would love :)