Thursday, 1 March 2012

Theme-a-licious February round-up

Ooops...a day late with my Theme-a-licious update.  SORRY!  There hasn't been a lot of stitching this month and when I have stitched I've been in a funny mood.  I have found it really hard settle to any particular project.  Madonna of the Garden (Mirabilia) was going to get some love, it got about 6 stitches which is why there is no photo.
Below is my progress on Roots and Wings which is nearly done now.  I am not going to jinx this project by saying I will get it finished.
Roots and Wings
progress as of 29th February
The flower
The words!
Next up is my shhhhh...secret project that Colin mustn't  know about.  Don't tell him!  This one was first shown a couple of weeks ago.  As a bit of fun I wondered if anyone knew what it was from the wiggly line that was showing.  Unsurprisingly, no-one did.  How about now?  Any guesses?  I will put any correct answers in the proverbial hat and draw a winner on 15th March when I do my next Theme-a-licious update.
Who am I?
Any ideas?
Onr thing I really wanted to finish was Garden Shed.  The one thing I really couldn't settle to working on this month?  Garden Shed!  Even though I picked it up a few times in the month, all I managed was a thread or two in the last couple of sections to be stitched and about 2/3rd's of a page of back stitch.  So annoyed with myself but I just didn't feel like working on it at all. Hopefully March will be better!

I love the theme of March.  Try to stitch on a different design every day of the month.  Well I definitely have enough WIP's for I'm up for the challenge!

Today is World Book Day and at work we had to dress up as a book character...oh joy.  Now don't get me wrong, I love books...couldn't eat a whole one but that's another story.  I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate (get the picture?) dressing up.  Anyway, I settled on a book by Jacqueline Wilson called 'The Illustrated Mum'.  Rachael and Luke had a whale of a time this morning drawing all over my arms with felt tips.  For those of you not familiar with Jacqueline Wilson (a) where have you been for the last twenty years and (b) the illustrated mum has loads of tattoos - hence the felt tips.  This is what I looked like after a day at school.
The story is about a mum called Marigold with 2 daughters called Star and Daisy.  So that's 3 of the tattoos covered.  The others are ones she designs but I can't remember why.  Rachael drew the dolphin and a Star that was on my hand.  Luke drew the snake and the daisy.  I managed the heart, marigold and eye myself!  Thankfully it is now over for another year but I am really hoping the pen scrubs off tonight!


Veronica said...

Almost there with Roots and Wings. Looking forward to happy dancing with you. Garden Shed is looking great too. I'm rather poor at guessing designs. I have no idea what your new start is.


Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

I love your Roots and Wings project it's looking very pretty.

Love the tattoos!

Good luck with your March projects!

Jo said...

Roots and wings looks fabulous! And I love the dressing up photo - I hope the kids liked all your tattoos!! (and that they came off in the wash, lol)

TammyK said...

Roots and wings is adorable :-)

Sally said...

Roots and Wings is beautiful! I have no idea what your new start is. I'm never much good at guessing!

Wow Garden Shed is a lot of work! It looks amazing!

geeky Heather said...

LOVE your "tattoos"!! What a great solution to the dressing up problem. I know the kids had a blast helping out. That dolphin and daisy are both quite good!

OK, I thought I had a guess on the secret project, but once I found the pic online, it's nowhere near. So now I've no idea!

Excited to hear how your March Madness goes. =)

blue star stitcher said...

I love your "tattoos" very cute idea! You have me stumped with your new start.

Joysze said...

Ooooooh!!! I can't wait for you to start Garden Shed!!! :D