Sunday, 21 September 2008

10, 25 or 50 project challenge

I have seen this on a couple of blogs that I have "discovered" recently and thought it *might* be a good way to reduce my stash a bit. I am going to try a 10 project challenge first and base it on my WIP's and up to 5 new starts.

The rules (as posted at are:

1. Have fun reducing your stash.

2. There is no time limit- people have different size projects they would like to work on.

3. Thou shall not purchase any new patterns until 10, 25, or 50+ projects have been stitched. Pattern size does not matter. (10 initially)

4. This challenge can also apply to knitting, beading, sewing and crocheting patterns.

5. You can make some exemptions - I am not placing limitations on this due to commitments that people might already have. Remember, though, the goal of this challenge is to reduce stash so too many exemptions will sabotage these efforts. (magazines don't count, neither do items bought to finish a design off.)

6. Gifts, gift cards, trades, RAKs and patterns bought with gift money are not a violation of this challenge. This also applies to purchasing patterns for gifts to give other people.

7. Freebies count as part of your total and you can acquire them at any point.

8. The offical start date of this challenge was Sept 1, 2006 but I’m starting today, 21st September 2008.

My projects to start with are any 10 from the following listof my WIP's (brackets indicate how much or little has been done)...............
  1. Angel of Cross Stitch (0.5%)
  2. Belle (15%)
  3. Blackwork Butterfly (40%)
  4. Bunny Birth Sampler (5%)
  5. Cat tapestry (0.5%)
  6. Cotswold design (0.25%)
  7. Cottage Garden Fairy (15%)
  8. Cut Thru Garden Shed (30%)
  9. Disney Princess RR (5%)
  10. Edward (5%)
  11. Felicity Wishes (20%)
  12. Fish RR (98%)
  13. Flip It's February (3%)
  14. Friends are like Angels (15%)
  15. Garden Bugs sampler
  16. Garden Tools (3%)
  17. Gordon (30%)
  18. HAED Spring (0.5%)
  19. Henry (30%)
  20. How does your garden grow (part 8)
  21. I love Cross Stitch bookmark (10%)
  22. In the Rain (2%)
  23. Just Good Friends (60%)
  24. Love you to the Moon (0.5%)
  25. Madonna of the Garden (20%)
  26. Maggie the Messmaker (1%)
  27. Mouseloft Robin (2%)
  28. My Child (15%)
  29. Petal Fairy (10%)
  30. Roots to Grow (5%)
  31. Santa ornament (85%)
  32. Snappers - February
  33. Snappers - January
  34. Snappers - June
  35. Snappers - March
  36. Snappers - September
  37. Snow Days (10%)
  38. Sweet Pea Coaster (5%)
  39. Trick or Treat Fairy (30%)
  40. What's up Doc? (30%)
  41. Winnie the Pooh (20%)
  42. Winnie the Pooh card (20%)
Any 5 new starts, one of which will be Summer in Sussex but the other 4 are optional depending on what I fancy. So 47 to choose from.....I must be able to finish 10 from that, surely?


Anonymous said...

Oh my word! You have more WIP's than me! :o) I wish you well with your challenge :o)

Kristin said...

Wow...what a WIP list! Good luck.

Beth said...

I only have one cross stitch WIP at the moment, so I won't be joining the challenge (although there is that quilt that I have been planning for 10 years and only got one bit done).
Have fund with the challenge though. It will be great to see some of your finished projects.

Meari said...

WOW, that's quite a list you have going!