Sunday, 25 March 2018

Hang on to your hats...FFOing in progress

Just to ease you into the shock of me FFOing, I will show you my latest 2 finishes first.

So first up is Lizzie Kate's 6 Fat Men which I originally started as a SAL - I have finally finished part 1 of it.  I do have 3 borders stitched too and when I got Luke to choose the next chart, he chose the biggest one with some cute little houses but about a third of the design is snow - boring, boring, stitches never look good snow.  Thanks Luke!

6 Fat Men - Snowed in - Lizzie Kate

Then I thought I might get another of the old Flip-It's done.  With August finished, I am now half way through the series.  Who knows, give me another 17 years and I may well have finished it!  Actually that isn't strictly fair as I definitely didn't buy these when they first came out.  I would still have been buying kits from Wilkinson's back then!

Flip Its - August - Lizzie Kate

Then onto the FFOs.  There is a bit of an odd reason why I did these.  One of my work colleagues, a lad of 21, split his pants the other day.  After I got over my giggles - well it was in front of 4 classes - I offered to sew them for him.  Fast forward to yesterday and I thought I would get my sewing machine out to do them and then thought I might as well make a couple of things up whilst it's out.  Luke was out at his first university Open Day (already?) so I could spread out over the dining area and the kitchen without getting under his feet.  

This first one, Boo, already had the front fabrics stitched onto it and so just needed the backing adding and stuffing. I think next time I might try a bigger fabric on the side and bottom but I like it and have added it to my hallowe'en display (yes, it stays out all year).  I can't remember who the chart was by for this so if you know can you tell me please so I can add it to the caption.

Boo - ???

Long time ago in...sorry I was about to burst into song then.  Once upon a time Gaynor of StitchersAnon was releasing a Hallowe'en SAL and gave the group loads of freebies beforehand.  This is one of them.  I kept the fabric plain and just stitched the ric rac on with a metallic green thread for the eyes of green in the design.  I also stitched the black fabric on with the same metallic thread. It needs a bit more stuffing in it and then the gap closing...but that's the easy part!

A Witch's Cat - StitchersAnon
Then we have another StitchersAnon piece which was supposed to be the Retreat piece that we all got to work on, but I couldn't make it in the end. I have always regretted not being able to go.  Still once I get another bag of stuffing, I will be able to add this to my finished pieces to admire.

Every Stitch is from the Heart - StitchersAnon

This is the backing fabric for it.  I thought the shamrocks were perfect.

The Key to my Heart - still true after all these years!  Again it needs stuffing and in real life it is straight.  I have no idea how on earth I managed to make it look SOOOOOOO wonky in the photo. 
The Key to my Heart - Sue Hillis

And finally, we have yet another StitchersAnon piece which I was apparently rubbish at taking a photo of today.  What it actually says is:

Whatever the distance
Wherever I roam
With needle and thread
I'll make it my home. 

I changed all the threads when I stitched it I think.  The bow on top was made from the ribbon of a box of posh chocolates that one of my colleagues bought me a few months ago.  It just goes to show that it is worth keeping things like that! The backing fabric was gifted to me a few years ago and although I loved the colour and design I didn't have a clue what to use it on.  It is actually absolutely perfect for the design.



Linda said...

Congrats on all of the gorgeous finishes Sharon. Sure wish I knew how.


Kay said...

Lovely finishes. It is always such a relief to me to get something finished. x

Rachel said...

Lovely finishes, well done! Looks like Luke has chosen a less-than-ideal next project for you but at least by him going away for the day you were able to finish off some UFOs. Aren't children great?! :)

Shelly said...

Great FFO's, Sharon. Maybe I'll be motivated to do mine now!

geeky Heather said...

Wow, they all look GREAT! Goodness, you were so productive that I need to sit down just from reading about all you got done... =)

Katie said...

Love your finishes. Great job!! Also Congrats on your 2 stitching finishes too.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Great finishes.

Justine said...

Oh wow you have been busy! I love all of your FFOs, your fabric choices are perfect. I think I stitched that little green-eyed cat too, I will have to check in my huge pile of finished but not finished pieces.
That ribbon was a good save!
Where is Luke looking to go to study? Will that make you on an empty nester?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Wow, you were on a roll with the FFO'ing! Was Boo in an issue of JCS? It looks familiar but then quite a few designers have done Boo designs!
I am not a fan of snow stitching either, candidate for one length of thread per day I feel.

Lesley said...

More lovely finishes.Are you going to treat yourself to a new start when you have completed all your wips?

Christine Slaughter said...

Your FFOs are perfect! Thank you so much for sharing your blog link on the video today! I made sure to follow you here!

stitchersanon said...

Amazing finishes. Sigh. I guess I should get on with finishing mine. You've put me to shame!

Karoline said...

Great finishing, they all look fantastic. You are putting us all to shame