Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lost my mojo!

Well...I have officially lost my stitching mojo. I haven't picked up a needle in months and nothing is working. I treated myself to a couple of new charts from Down Sunshine Lane in the hope that would help...but no...nothing.
There has been so much happening lately that I have no desire or energy to stitch I suppose. If anyone has any suffestions on how to find the stitchy bug again please let me know!
The big news is that as of yesterday I am officially jobless. There was no funding for my post, or 4 others, this year and so we were all out of jobs. Although we were told about 2 months ago, there haven't been a huge amount of school jobs around. 2 of the ladies were lucky enough to find a job this week but the rest of us are still looking. With Rachael having diabetes, I don't want to be too far away in case of any problems which limits where I can go for work really.
Unfortunately with having no job comes the fact that I cannot take up my place at uni in September. Part of this is due to the fact that I need a placement in a school that will also provide someone to act as a mentor and partly because I can't afford the fees (nearly £1000) without a job. Colin apparently earns too much for me to receive any financial help with course fees.
On a happier note, I passed my Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis course with Open University which I must confess I was really surprised to do. I have completed 2 of the assignments for my Personal Finance course. The first one I got 73% on and was quite pleased with this, the other I am still waiting for the result.
My stepdad is having a bad time of it. He has recently been diagnosed with asbestosis (if that's how you spell it!) and near heart failure. He is waiting to see a cardiologist to see whether it is worth him having an operation with all his other health problems as well. My mum is considering the possiblity of moving up here a bit now. There is a house 10 doors up the walk from us that is up for sale and I think this has concentrated her mind a little now. That and the fact that she is getting no help whatsoever from her son in law and his wife.
We are having a few problems with school at the moment with Rachael's diabetes. Obviously with me not working there any more they are going to have to take a little more responsibility for her. Unfortunately no-one seems to want to do this and we are going to have a bit of a fight on our hands I think. She has a residential trip to Robinwood this September and the school are describing her as "high risk". We had a meeting with the Head Teacher and the School Nurse last week which was dreadful. The school nurse didn't know the first thing about diabetes and even less about insulin pumps which considering she was supposed to be advising the school was a bit of a joke really. Honestly if they just took a bit of interest and used common sense there is no reason to be so worried about her. Thankfully when we phoned Robinwood they were much more helpful and have sent us meal plans and activity itineries etc.
Rachael swam in the Tameside schools swimming gala a couple of weeks ago. Her team won the Denton Schools Gala and so went forward to the Tameside competition. There were supposed to be 5 teams but 2 didn't show. St Mary's got 3rd so it is lucky that the others weren't there. The girls team is quite strong but the boys are not as good. She enjoyed herself though and that is the main thing.
Luke has been playing in some friendly tournaments for Denton Youth the last couple of weeks and he too is really enjoying himself. His football is really coming on and he is turning into a cracking defender. He isn't afraid to get in and tackle anyone and isn't bothered in the least as to how big they are. He has been promised a pair of Ronaldo boots when he gets into the team proper!!
Well anyway that is some of what's been happening lately. Let me know what to do about my stitchy slump. I'm off to read some of the blogs I have been neglecting to see if that can give me some inspiration!


Bronny said...

Sometimes life does get in the way with stitching. - Hugs for all that you have to face at the moment. (My hubby has worked 8 months in the past 3 years!) He's had diabetes for 47years and is able to administer to himself of course, so I have no advice for your daughter/school issues. Are there support groups who can assist you nearby?
As for your mojo - I see you only have part 12 of "How does your garden grow" to stitch - it is not a big section - start with that, not only will it get you a section finish, but a project finish. It might make you feel a bit better.


Carolyn NC said...

Sometimes you just have to wait and it will hit you again. Sorry to hear about your job; hope something turns up for you soon. Hugs.

Lindsay said...

(((((Hugs))))) with all that's been going on in the last few months it's no wonder your mojo has gone on hoilday. Go and play in your stash for a while, try reorganising it or seeing what you no longer love they have all worked for me in the past.

I was only thinking about you this morning and realised that I hadn't seen you about for a while and here you are, spooky or what!!!

Jo said...

sorry life is dealing you a rough hand right now - I'm sure things will get better. I always have the pilosophy that things happen for a reason - maybe you weren't meant to to Uni THIS year?

As for stitching mojo, Lindsay's right, a good stash dive may well halp. Ignore the current WIPs that aren't inspiring you - stitching is for pleasure. If your mojo doesn't come back don't worry - we all get slumps. It will decide when to come back and you won't be able to put your needle down again.


Chiloe said...

Hope you find your mojo soon. Stitching helped me so much to relax in the past whenI was having hard time. I wish it could help you too ... (((hugs )))

Beth said...

Hope you can find the right job for you and be able to continue on with your course.
Maybe you could try stitching a little project to get you back in the mood.
I'm currently working on tiny cross stitch stockings as our family Christmas Tree ornaments this year.

CindyMae said...

Sometimes life can just take that Mojo right out of you! I hope that you get it back soon and I am praying for you and your stepdad!!

Please stop by my blog and see the July 17th post as there is something there for you!!