Monday, 2 February 2009


OK, ok ok, I admit it.............where you come from this may not be much.................but for us it is the most snow we have had in 13 years according to the local radio station this morning. I measured it tonight and we have 2"..........that's right...........a whole 2"!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!

I told the children to not bother with their homework tonight. Neither of mine have ever handed homework in late so I decided not to worry tonight. For how often we actually get snow, I thought a bit of snow fun was far more important!! We built a snowman and had a few snowball fights, Rachael made a snow angel and so a good time was had by all (and it was much more fun than putting spellings into sentences!)
One of our cats, Smudge, decided he rather likes snow too and came out for ages. I didn't think he would like it as he hates the wind and I thought that would put him off. Biskey was very funny though. He sat by the patio doors, on the inside, trying to catch the snowflakes but when we opened the doors so he could do it for real, he ran off upstairs. Silly animal!

Oh and on the stitching front, I started and finished a little Mouseloft kit yesterday for February's ornament. I haven't yet finished it as an ornament.


Kristin said...

Glad you had so much fun!

Beth said...

That's more snow than I ever had in my garden. We only had it once, and it was gone before we could go out an play.

Beth said...

That little bear sledding looks really cute!

Rowyn said...

Ohh snow, that looks like fun!!

Gorgeous kitty too :-)

The Guider said...

my son has the same hat! :)

Jo said...

Great snowman. I was in London (full bus 'crises' etc) until Tuesday, when I got homke there was more snow here but less chaos - made me laugh!

Cute teddy

Ranae said...

Oh the joys of snow, I love it. The snowman is awesome.
Smugde is a beautiful furbaby
How does you garden grow is looking beautiful.

Miss jane said...
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