Saturday, 5 May 2012

Theme-a-licious roundup for Amazon April

Crikey, I'm getting later and later with these.  I haven't been near my blog or stitched hardly at all in the last week.  I am currently writing the last assignment for my OU module and then mid June is exam time (eek).  Therefore life at the minute is dedicated to study, revise, study, revise, sleep!

Below are pics of what I have done this month.

So first up is Cotswold Village scene.  This is huge but I really enjoyed stitching on it.  Maybe it shouldn't go back in the UFO box.

This is 'Two Little love birds' which is a Love Thy Threads design that I am guinea pigging.  It is a gorgeous design and the colours are so pretty together. 

Above is my progress so far on Around The World in 80 Stitches (ATW80S) for short. It is really pretty but I haven't come across most of the stitches before so it is challenging me a little...ok a lot. It will be done though!

And this is the pathetic progress on 6 Fat Snowmen.  

I got some fantastic post today.  Jo (Serendipitous Stitching) saw this card and thought of me, can't think  It is absolutely amazing and I have had a smile on my face all day and keep going to look at it.  Luke went and compared it to the 'real' one and found loads of differences.  He particularly liked the frog in the demi john bottle at the bottom.  Concensus seems to be that I should frame the card and hang below the cross stitch when it's framed.

The other great bit of news is that I have rediscovered an old friend.  Once upon a time, I became friends with a lovely lady in America although actually I can't remember how we met...hmmm....  Anyway as she loved the British cross stitch mags as much as I did, she had a subscription sent to my house and every now and again I would put them in a box and post them off to her.  She made my two kids the most beautiful quilts for their beds which they still use today - despite the fact their feet stick out the bottom of them.  When I wash them it has to be on a day where I can get them washed and dried and back on the bed the same day....or else!  They love those quilts more than anything they own!

Bizarrely I have been following this person for quite a while and it never ever clicked that this was my old friend.  After discovering who she was I re-read all of her blog and basically thought what an idiot I was as it should have been so blatantly obvious.  Short of putting up neon signs telling me who she was....honestly...I really am dumb!

We never fell out as friends it was just a case of relationship troubles on my part and we gradually lost touch over a period of time.  I would guess the last time we corresponded would have been possibly around 2004/2005 ish maybe.  I am so excited to have found her again.  

Oh I suppose you want to know who it is, do you?  It's...


stitcheranon said...

I am struggling with the hearts as well but am not going to give up..yours is looking lovely and has inspired me to pick up mine again tomorrow xxx

dulcinella said...

I love the cotswold sampler. Why would you put it back into the UFO pile, if you enjoy so much stitching on it?:-) Your papillon SAL looks lovely. You already did great! I'm stil trying to decide to start the specialty stitches ( I have stitched the hearts). Good luck on studying!

Jan said...

You have done such lovely stitching despite being so busy! A beautiful story about finding an old friend. I looove those pics of cut through buildings. I really want to cross stitch one. Did you enjoy stitching the gardening shed?

lesli said...

I signed up for the Papillon SAL...but haven't had time to fit it in yet....and now I'm scared to with all the fancy stitches!!

I LOVE that you found an old friend! :) How wonderful is that!?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Glad you liked the card! It was just perfect for you.

How lovely to find Shirlee again. Bizarrely enough she was telling me only last week about the great old friend who used to send her mags. She finished her email saying "I hope she's still enjoying her cross stitch"

Altogether now - "It's a Small Small World" LOL

Papillon is looking good too.

Cathy Pavlovich said...

You've got some very pretty stitching going on! Looking forward to seeing your progress on them!

Rhona said...

Your Cotswold village scene is looking ggreat....don't abondon it to the ufo basket!!!
Good luck with the exam!

Linda said...

Great progress on all your pieces Sharon. Where's the stable?? lol I had to chuckle, you have as much done on 6 Fat Men as I do.

Wanted to say thank you again for the magazine. I received it last week, but was in bed with an infection in my leg. (all better now)

Congrats on reuniting with your friend.


Joyus said...

Lovely stitching progress and what a lovely story about finding your friend again :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Shebafudge

Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you too!

You have some lovely projects there, I'm tempted by the Papillon SAL. Yours looks great already.

Love the card!

So nice to have found an old friend - guess you won't lose touch now!

Mamainstitches said...

How lucky to find and old friend!! Please do not put Cotswold Village Scene in you UFO box I enjoy watching your progress. Such lovely stitching!

Veronica said...

How nice that you managed to connect back with an old friend :)

I had fun comparing the differences between the card and your stitched Garden Shed.

I really enjoyed looking at your WiPs.


Anonymous said...

I love how love birds is turning out, and its nice you have got in touch with your friend after all this time!

geeky Heather said...

That's so great that you found your friend again!! Your WIPs are all looking great. I love your 80 stitches...great colors!

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :D

Shirlee said...

Old friend here ... lol! All your WIPs look fabulous! If I stitch more than 1 project at a time I break out in a cold sweat. Best of luck on your exam. I am thinking about returning to school as well.