Sunday, 27 July 2008

Rachael's dance show

Rachael had her dance class show last night. They were performing songs from High School Musical and Rachael's group danced to "Fabulous", "You are the music in me" (slow version), "Work this out", "Got to go my own way", the Hawaiin one! (Huma Huma?) and "Every Day". For some reason Rachael was tucked away at the back for all the dances and the same children were at the front. The cynic in me says that it was all the children of Greswell's staff that danced at the front. When I asked Rachael if she preferred to be at the back she said that they had been put in their places to dance and not had a choice. The dance class is moving into the school in September and I am humming and haaing as to whether to let Rachael go after all the hassle last year when she left the school and went to St Mary's instead. The children all danced really well and the parents seemed to enjoy themselves.

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