Sunday, 20 April 2008

Tadpoles and Jestique

Today we had a Tadpoles outing to a place in Marple (Stockport) called Jestique. Tadpoles is a Diabetes UK linked support group for children with diabetes. We meet at Edgeley play centre in Stockport on the last Friday of each month. It is really friendly with a good range of ages. Contact me if you would like further details. Jestique's a great little shop where you can do craft activities without having to clear up afterwards. Rachael did jewellery making and made a fantastic necklace which is below. Luke made 2 mirrors using decopatch - which is kind of similar to collage. He had the basic mirror and tore up bits of paper to decorate the mirror with sticking them on with PVA glue. He made one for his room and one for Rachael's. They both had a really enjoyable time of it. There are other activities on offer too which include pottery painting, wooden model building, scrapbooking etc. They also do parties, both there and coming to you.

I have been participating in the Crossstitchcrazy stitchathon (SAT) this week and keeping a record of my stitches for the week. They have been:

Monday - 182

Tuesday - 301

Wednesday - 0

Thursday - 92

Friday - 384

Saturday - 643

Sunday - 794

I feel quite pleased with this. I have never counted before so I am surprised at just how many stitches I do in a week. It also gives me hope that I could actually finish a large design in a reasonable amount of time if I put my mind to it and knuckled down. For instance a design with 46000 stitches (I have one as a WIP but can't remember which off hand) would only take me about 6 months or just over to stitch and not the 2 years I think it will!! For the SAT I started off with Madonna of the Garden but changed to start a new design from Bothy Threads when it arrived in a stash package earlier in the week. It is Cut Thru Garden Shed. It's great and I am really enjoying stitching it so far. Not so sure about when I reach the backstitch though! There is a photo of my progress so far below.

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