Saturday, 12 April 2008

Rachael's birthday part 2

Rachael's birthday party was brilliant. There were 9 of them all together, some from her old school and some from her current school. All the girls got on great and had their hair either plaited or curled (or both), nail polish and nail art and make up done. The 3 ladies that did it were fantastic with the children and made it a very enjoyable experience for them all. We ran out of time to do the birthday cake so I will take it into school on Monday for them.

Rachael got some lovely presents from her school friends which included a pampered pupz, a couple of nice tops, arty stuff and a beautiful pink cross on a chain amongst others. She was really pleased with what everyone bought her.

We all went to the Harvester for a birthday treat. Unfortunately since we were last there they seem to have done away with the children's menu and do smaller portions of the adult ones. The service was absolutely diabolical. We were there for about 20 minutes before we managed to convince someone that we really did want to order. It then took another 20 minutes for the drinks to arrive and a further 20 minutes for the food to arrive. When it turned up the food was delicious but by then we were ready for giving up and going over the road to KFC! Needless to say we didn't leave a tip!

Rachael rounded off the day with us all watching one of her birthday DVD's. The boys were both impressed with watching Bratz Kids........not! Actually as Bratz DVD's go it was quite good and I think Rachael really enjoyed it.

I think all in all this could well be the best birthday that Rachael has ever had as far as she is concerned. Even the weather managed to perk up so that she didn't drown on her birthday!!

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