Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Pumping saline

Today Rachael was finally attached to her pump and is now pumping saline for about 2 weeks. She was quite excited but understandably nervous about the first ever cannula insertion. She wasn't phased in the least by it. She has bolused easily for her tea and is quite happy so far having it attached to her. I think she is quite proud of it secretly. We had a bit of a mad panic at bathtime. We weren't sure if we should prime the pump when she reconnected or not. Needless to say it came as quite a shock to find that from p111-p142 of the pump manual which had all the troubleshooting section in it was MISSING! I think tomorrow I will be on the phone to Medtronic getting a new pump manual ordered. We got to meet the Medtronic rep who seems nice and gives the impression that she will be helpful. Marie the PDSN will be coming into school to give pump training so that they are aware of what care and precautions need to be taken with Rachael.
Tomorrow the teachers are on strike, or at our school some of them are on strike! That means that some classes are in, some aren't. I have ended up with one child in and one off. As I still have to be in, it means that Colin has got to take a day's holiday to look after Luke. It seems a huge waste of time. Let's face it the Government are never going to meet their demands as if they do, they then have to give police and everyone else an equivalent pay rise. I think the teachers risk alienating both non-striking colleagues and parents by striking. However, I think my biggest bugbear is the fact that the teachers won't/can't/aren't picketing so they in effect just get a day off work.
As for cross stitch, it's back to Sunday Cricket and a final push to get that finished. Some of the squashed stitches are a little tricky, especially where they are in a block with different colours but I will beat the little devils!! I got my first ever chart for a biscornu in the post yesterday and I am itching to have a go at it. I MUST FINSISH SUNDAY CRICKET FIRST!!! The totals were posted for the crossstitchcrazy stitchathon and I got 3rd in the stitches stitched totals. As I have never participated in a SAT before it gave me a real buzz.

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