Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Manchester Museum

Today I took the children to the Manchester Museum. Rachael had been on a schooltrip there recently as they are studying Ancient Egypt. She was really taken with it and I promised we could go in the holidays. It was another great day out.

We started off looking at all the bows and arrows things that we thought Luke would be most interested in and then went off to the Egyptian gallery where Rachael gave us a guided tour and explained what they used to do to mummify the bodies. I think her favourite bit is probably when they pulled the brains out of the nose. What a lovely daughter I have!

We also had a look at all the stuffed birds, animals etc. Some of them looked a bit ferocious still - especially when you are greeted by a pouncing tiger! Others were a bit of an eyeopener when you have only seen them in books or on TV. You don't realise just how big they are. The emperor penguin for example or a golden eagle.

All the staff were really friendly and helpful which made a pleasant change. I think it was probably a bit overwhelming for Luke as I think he thought it would be like Eureka where he could touch everything rather than it all being behind glass.

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