Sunday, 27 April 2008

Portland Basin

Luke goes to a football skills course on a Saturday morning. Each week they choose a player of the week and get a little trophy to keep for the week. Once they win this 3 times they get another trophy that they get to keep permanently. Below is Luke's which he finally got yesterday after waiting about 6 weeks for it. He is really chuffed with it and has been carrying it around everywhere he has been for the last couple of days.

Today we have been over to Portland Basin to have a look at the "Fit for Life" exhibition which! I was asked about this ages ago and had my photos taken a while back. They are all black and white photos and I thought they were fantastic. It was quite odd seeing big photos of me up on a wall and for some reason I was worried that someone would recognise me! All the photos were great and there were some that were really atmospheric. It runs until Oct/Nov 2008 so go and have a look. Another part of the exhibition had a feature about diabetes and was wrong. There was no distinction between Type 1 and Type 2. I left a comment mentioning this in the comments book. Otherwise it was a fun and informative event and there were little snippets of information all over the museum.

As we were out at lunchtime we went to Woolworths for lunch which in the past has always been a nice lunch and relatively cheap. it was diabolical. There was a tiny selection of food despite it being lunchtime, the portions were tiny. We had to wait for Rachael's food to be cooked. £17.55 it cost!!! Colin and Luke finished their lunch quicker than me and Rachael and went to have a look at the Wii bundles downstairs. Rachael opened her crisps and I noticed they were out of date. I told the staff member who changed them but then the manager came to apologise. She was really nice and helpful and offered a refund on the kids meals and my meal after I told her how diabolical I thought it was. Pat on the back for good customer service but check your crisps in future!!

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