Monday, 28 April 2008

Just realised that I haven't updated my April goals this month so I had better do it now.

1. Sunday Cricket - get this 3/4 finished. 80% finished now.

2. Nottingham Forest - unpick, restitch, finish and frame. following a discussion at school about what a load of tat teachers are given I decided not to stitch gifts for them and spend the money on something nice for the children instead.

3. Friendship - frame. Nope, not even thought about it!

4. Bent Creek Snappers - finish one of the remaining designs (don't mind which!) Made a start but not got very far.

5. Sweetpea coaster - complete border. I have run out of thread and so far haven't found a good match for it so this one hasn't been done either!

So all in all a bit of a disastrous month with reaching my goals although they should have all been achievable. Never mind, there's always next month!

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