Saturday, 26 April 2008

First set change today

Today was the first set change with Rachael's new pump. Rachael was a little upset because she was worried it would hurt as I have never done it before. Unfortunately I think she had convinced herself it would hurt and so it did. Everything went smoothly otherwise. The adhesive of the old set was quite difficult to peel off and I wonder if that is what started her worrying. Next time I think we will put in the new one prior to taking out the old. If anyone has any hot tips on how to make removing it a bit easier I would be grateful for the advice.

Rachael and Luke have been off to a new play area this afternoon with one of Rachael's friends. They had a great time there and then went for a McDonald's afterwards as a bit of a treat. Colin and I took the opportunity to go over to a local garden centre and get some bits for the garden. We got 4 new pots that were BOGOF's, 2 Hebe's in different colours and several other bits and bobs. We also bought some big tubs for growing potatoes in. I had a hugely embarassing moment when I took out my credit card to pay and found that I had in fact brought my Nectar card with me.............oops. Luckily Colin had brought his wallet with him so he paid.

Rachael's new pump pouch arrived today - well one of them. It was the pouch with the dogs on and it is 'mint' in Rachael's words. We got this from Pumpwear Inc and I have to say it seems well made and feels like it should wear well. Rachael is pleased that she doesn't have to keep unclipping her pump from her trousers or skirt every time she needs to pull them down.

I have been having a big push on getting Sunday Cricket finished. It is annoying me at the moment as I am still working on all the squashed stitches and it feels like I am getting nothing done. When I look at it, I am finding it hard to see what progress I am making. I think when this is finished I will have to find something that is small and with blocks of colour for a really quick stitch to recharge my batteries a bit.

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