Wednesday, 2 April 2008


On Monday we had a trip to Eureka - me, the kids and their dad. For those of you who haven't heard of the place, it is in Halifax (UK) and is a museum aimed at children. It's fantastic!

The walk from the carpark to the museum - all of 2 minutes - is littered with things for the children to do. There are balance beams, climbing steps, rails, gutterpipes to make music and more. For once it wasn't raining so the children could spend as long as they liked on the things.

When you enter the museum on the right hand side is Archimedes who regularly dunks down in his bath. There is so much to do and see for children and my 2 (aged 6 and nearly 9) love it.

One of the favourite things and the one we always head straight for is the M&S, post office, garage and bank. We had great fun seeing who could get over the beams in the bank without setting the alarm off. The only person to crack the safe was Colin, the rest of us failed. The M&S has undergone a bit of a revamp since we were there last and is more pleasant now and more spacious.

Upstairs in the body bit we tested all the stretching, reaching and stepping things so we could compare last years with now. Unfortunately - I can't find last year's! Luke had plenty of practice with the crutches so at least we won't worry now if he falls and breaks a leg as we know he will be able to cope with them.

We arrived about 10 and left around 3 as Rachael and Luke both had swimming lessons. Luke was moving up to the level 5-6 class so we didn't want him to miss his first lesson in that. Rachael should hopefully move up to level 9-10 in the next few weeks.

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