Thursday, 27 March 2008

Rachael's swimming challenge

Rachael is doing her Silver challenge award in swimming this week. Today was Section A. For this she had to do a 100m swim in under 3 minutes, tread water for 2 minutes with hands behind her back, feet first and head first surface dive to retrieve a brick and head first/feet first sculling for about 10 metres. SHE DID IT!!! Rachael's worry was that she wouldn't be able to do the swim using front crawl (her worst stroke) but she did one length front crawl and the rest breast stroke and finished well within the time allowed. Tomorrow is 800m using 2 strokes one on front and the other on her back. As she already has her 1500m badge this should be easy for her!! I am so proud of her. By the way Rachael is only 8 and is about 2 years younger than all the others in the group who are also doing their silver.

We will be back at the pool this afternoon to watch Luke do his 100m. Update to follow on that one!

Back to important things like cross stitching!! I had a small finish last night of a kit that I bought about 3 years ago to do for my best friend. It has be a WIP, well more of a UFO, forever! So now it is back to a concerted effort on Sunday Cricket which I really want to get finished soon.

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