Sunday, 8 February 2015

WIPocalypse - February update

There has been very little stitching going on in the last month what with college applications and interviews, archery, school stuff (both mine at work and the kids).  In fact, the only thing that I have worked on is Honeysuckle Courtyard.  I am doing this for my soon-to-be-ex-husband's parents for their 50th wedding anninversary.

Note the cute little needleminder that Justine sent me recently.  I've never had one before and am loving it!  So is my daughter actually, she doesn't keep getting stabbed by me needles in the arm of the sofa now!!

The topic this month is 'How do you overcome the feeling that you are in a rut with a particular project?'   Well, I hate to say it, but if you know me you will know the answer to this already!  I tend not to.  I tend to move onto a new project although I always intend to go back to it eventually.  My worst habit is not unpicking mistakes straight away which always makes it harder to go back to it.  I did try stitching a length or two of threads in 'unloved' projects once, but it didn't work for long!  I am looking forward to hearing the answers to this question for a bit of inspiration!


Linda said...

Lovely progress Sharon. Are you doing okay?


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great progress, this a very pretty piece. It's my parent's 50th year which means mine must be approaching! I wasn't quite a honeymoon baby but not far off LOL.

My rut buster is rotating and the "one thread a day" method.

Deb said...

Beautiful work!!

Lesley said...

Beautiful stitching.

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful stitching & great little needle minder ;)

Brigitte said...

Very nice progress on this lovely piece.

Esmeralda said...

Nice progress
I just saw your wips/ufo
I could not handdle so many lovely unfinished projects, it would drive me mad :)
I am curious how you handle this, do you rotate? Or do you just pick up what you love the most
They are all very pretty so it seems hard to decide :)
Look forward seeying a few finished
This is my blog ;

Esmeralda said...

About your question; how to deal with a rut !
I rotate 4 big wips in a month so the rut will be a bit less.
On the moment i am working on a santa from janlynn and there are really many backstitches. I hate backstitches
so how i deal with that :
I force myself to do every day a little bit of stitching on it.
After i stitched 30 min to 1 hour on it then i pick up something i really love to stitch on.
Thats how i reward myself for doing a shore wich i didnt like to do and it will be finished after a while
I all so choose a place were i would hang my finished project so it keeps me all so stimulated to finish it
Hopefully you can find the strenght to finish some of your wips/ufo
I would start with the ones who needs the minust work on it to finish it so you will get in the flow of finishing projects :)
After you finished a few reward your self with one more new project to start
Look forward to those finishes :)

jocondine said...

Nice progress, those stitches look so small it must be a very delicate work. xxx

gominam said...

Beautiful piece you got there! I try to start another thread that is bright (because I usually start from dark to light, but as much as possible not start a new wip), I don't think I could handle a lot of WIPs, I'll get crazier:)

Andrea said...

A beautiful project.

Rhona said...

Lovely stitching and such a cute needle minder!

Jan Jones said...

Lovely stitching Sharon. It's nice to know you still remain friends with your soon to be ex-inlaws.

Thoeria said...

That is such a beautiful piece Sharon. And what a cute little needle-minder!

Suz said...

One of my friends mentioned a "one thread length" in an unloved piece before working on another piece, and I"m going to try that.

The progress on the 50th anniversary is beautiful!

Justine said...

I do love this sampler and it will make a lovely gift for your ex-in-laws. Glad to hear you are getting on well with the needleminder. I only started using one recently and wouldn't be without it now!

rosey175 said...

I am bad about not picking out mistakes right away... then they fester and drive me nuts and hide the piece, haha. :I

I try to just power through any ruts in projects because having things unfinished makes me antsy. Plus, I hate the set up before starting a new project (weirdo :D).

Your anniversary piece is looking lovely with it's sunny colors~ And you got a needle minder from Justine too! She has impeccable taste. :D