Friday, 2 August 2013

Blue, Smudge, Bradford

No not me!  I've had some stitching time so I'm not blue!  But look at this
Cinderella - Joan Elliott

All I have done in the last 3 days is stitch one of three shades of blue.  It's not even made for half the skirt being done...arrrggggghhhh.

I also decided to pull out Maggie the Messmaker who hasn't seen the light in years.  After about 10 minutes I remembered why - don't like the fabric and don't like the Dimensions threads either.  I think this may have to become a 2 strands a day project if it is ever going to be finished!
Maggie the Messmaker - Dimensions
I also stitched the snow on Santa's House too.  Well technically I stitched, unstitched, re-stitched, re-unstitched and finally re-re-stitched the snow on Santa's House.  I cannot believe what a hash of it I made. So if anyone wants a frog, you can have mine with pleasure.
Santa's House - CCN
The weird cat - aka Smudge - makes a reappearance.  Seriously, this is the position he was in yesterday.  No duct tape or superglue was used.  His rear end was right up the back of the sofa.  He is such a strange one!!

Colin took Rachael and Luke to Bradford a couple of weeks ago.  The went to the National Media Museum which we hadn't heard of before but he found it on Trip Advisor.  It spans 8 floors and they had a brilliant time.  There was a dalek - luckily no one got EX-TER-MIN-ATE'd.

There was one of the sets for The Wombles. (I loved this programme as a child!)

A set from Wallace and Grommit.


An Andy Pandy set - who remembers Andy Pandy?

And they both got to read the news in the 'studio' with the autocue.  If you fancy going it is well worth a full day there.  Admission is free but you do have to pay for some of the films they show if you want to see them. There is enough for a full day without the films though!


Mii Stitch said...

Great update on your stitching! Smudge is definitely a weird cat :D Me thinks he likes the camera & regular appearance on your blog :P Have a lovely weekend x

stitcheranon said...

Great stitching..that is one cool cat. Nothing wrong with making yourself at home!

Shirlee said...

You sure are accomplishing a lot of stitching! Looks like a great museum! I would love to see the dalek & anything re Wallace & Gromit. Smudge always makes me laugh : )

Emma/Itzy said...

Bradford! Thats my neck of the woods, I work about a 5 minute walk from the Media Museum. I am glad it has been saved from closure, I think its a great for a visit!

Linda said...

Great progress on all your projects Sharon. I love the kitty pics. Looks like your family had a great time.


Brigitte said...

Cinderella looks absolutely great. I also sometimes pull out one of my UFOs, I mean the real UFOs which haven't seen the light of the day for veeeery long. And sometimes I feel the urge to stitch on them again. It's like stitching on something new.

Melissa said...

Cinderella is looking good! I can't wait to see more :)

Jan Gartlan said...

How cool was that museum. I remember the Wimbledon so well. Smudge is certainly flexible. It didn't look like the most comfortable way to sleep LOL. Cats are hilarious. Great progress on Cinderella. Keep going with Maggie, it will be worth it!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Yay for the stitching progress, but not the frog.
I do remember the original Andy Pandy but that set is from the new version, they each have a little house now instead of bedding down in a basket.
The museum sounds great.

Karoline said...

Great progress on your wips, they look lovely.

It never fails to amaze me what positions cats find comfortable!

I haven't been to the National Media museum for several years,mostly because my kids have been to young to get much out of it. I really should though as Bradford isn't far away