Saturday, 25 May 2013

Actually...I haven't fallen off the face of the earth's you remember who I am?  Have you missed me?

I have been busy studying, studying and even more studying.  My current OU course is SO hard.  On the plus side though, I am now half way through the assignments and then only have a project to do at the end.  I can't wait for it to finish!!  I have already signed up for the next one which will be Children's Literature and I can't wait!!!!  I have saved this one to be the last module of my degree.  Most of the set books are bought and one has been read with another in progress.

Stitching has been abandoned currently with the course being so much work.  The other night I put 12 stitches, yes just 12 stitches, into a piece and felt like happy dancing.  That shows how little stitching is going on!

I won't bore you with a photo of Cinderella with an extra 12 stitches in...although maybe I could use it as a spot the difference giveaway...hehe.  I have worked on Mabel Figworthy's Song of the Weather SAL which stitch up really easily and quickly with fantastic instructions. I have finished January and February but have ground to a halt on March as I have to try and get 24 french knots looking lovely and evenly spaced.  It just isn't happening!  I don't know how many times I have frogged the first 6 as I'm not happy with them.  I may just give up and use beads.
Mabel Figworthy's Song of the Weather SAL
Mabel Figworthy's Song of the Wather SAL
As you can probably tell, I am doing them all on one piece of fabric with the same colours throughout. The three colours are DMC blanc, DMC599, DMC597.  I love the look of these so far.

There has been progress on the Monday SAL - if you look carefully.  This is my Cut Thru Stable so far.  

Bothy Threads Cut Thru Stable
Monday SAL
I can finally post a photo of the wedding sampler I did for Helen and Kev's wedding a couple of years ago.  They finally got it when Colin went down in the Easter holidays with it safely wrapped up in about 20 m of bubblewrap.  The design is a Janlynn one and can you believe it...I haven't taken one of the design finished as far as I can see.  What a dozy doughnut!

Well I think that's quite enough news for one day.  Hopefully with it being half term this week I will find some time for stitching :)


Shirlee said...

Glad to see you haven't fallen off the face of the earth : ) Congratulations for having the gumption to study so hard! It will pay off & one day you will be able to stitch to your heart's content : ) What type of degree are you aiming toward?

Melissa said...

Good luck with your studying! Your Weather SAL looks great :)

Sallyann said...


Beautiful stitching and good luck with your studying.

Linda said...

Nice to get a post from you Sharon. Both pieces are looking good. Your stable is growing.
Good luck with the studies.


Julie said...

Your sal is looking good.Mable does some lovely designs and her stitches always so perfect.Good luck with all that studying.

Brigitte said...

Pretty stitching pictures. Hopefully you will soon have ysome more time for stitching.

Mii Stitch said...

Yay!!! You're back!! Glad you're ok & hope all this studying is paying off!! Lovely SAL with nice stitching! Your French Knots look really good :) xx

Penny said...

I can so relate to the studying - no stitching routine and the happiness you feel over even a few stitches. :) Beautiful stitching! Hope you find the time for some more stitching. :)

Kerryp77 said...

good luck with the studying. The SAL looks beautiful.

SoCal Debbie said...

Hurray for a bit of stitching mixed in with studying! I see more red roof on your Stable. The hardanger is beautiful. What a wonderful wedding gift you stitched!

I added your Stable pic to the SAL page on my blog:

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice to see you blogging again.
The Mabel piece is looking good, I like a series of designs but I think you can tell that from my current WIPs, the cats, the dragons, the diary...

Karoline said...

Nice to see you again, I remember how big a time suck studying with the OU can be so anything else you get done is a bonus. Your wips are looking lovely