Saturday, 8 December 2012

ornie exchange, advent calendar and our tree

This is the gorgeous ornie I received from Mylene for The Stitch Specialists exchange.  I am hoping mine has reached her but I know she has gone to visit family for a couple of weeks so I won't find out for a while.  This is so cute and has pride of place on the front of our tree now.  The finishing is beautiful.

PS Snowman
from Mylene
This is a close up of the advent calendar, well 2 sides of it!

Here are the next 3 days of the advent calendar - days 5, 6 and 7.  All photos are copyright of Amanda Loverseed
Day 6 door
Day 5 opened
day 6 window
Day 6 opened
Day 7 window
Day 7 opened
This is our Christmas tree this year.  There are a few cross stitch bits on there.  As you can see it is nowhere near as wonky as the one I posted on Jo's calendar!!  However our poor angel took a tumble yesterday after one of the cats climbed half way up, shaking the tree quite violently. 


Shirlee said...

What a lovely ornament you received from Mylene : ) So sorry one of your cats toppled the angel. No worse for wear I hope. Love the calendar : )

Linda said...

What a gorgeous tree Sharon. We have way to many bad kitties, so haven't put the tree up yet. Love the ornament from Mylene.


Nicola said...

Your tree looks so pretty. Cats are such tinkers.

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous ornament and christmas tree.

Mii Stitch said...

Fab ornament & lovely tree!!!

Anonymous said...

Your tree is beautiful. Mylene did a wonderful job on your ornament. I love your advent calendar how cute!

Melinda said...

Your tree is beautiful...

*-* said...

A Lovely true Christmas picture for this Season.

I love your snowman ornament from Mylene it looks great.
Don't you just enjoy the cross stitch ornament exchanges? They are part of my look forward to experiences over the last eight years.
I have never seen such a lovely Advent Calender, it looks very interesting.
Your tree looks very pretty. Warm wishes from my home to yours.