Sunday, 19 February 2012

Theme-a-licious update 15th February (or thereabouts)

If you go to the Theme-a-licious page you can see my rather late mid month update.  With working on my assignment I haven't had a lot of stitching time so there isn't much to show.  I am going to focus on Garden Shed for the rest of the month which will hopefully see it finished.
I have finished my RR design which you can see on my Theme-a-licious update.  There is a funny story about this one.  J whose RR it is, sent the charts but no picture of the finished design.  I looked at the chart, couldn't work it out so passed it to my hubby.  He thought it was a bra filled with flowers.  I could see where he was kind of coming from on that but thought it would be a rather odd idea.  Anyway as it was a summer design I went along with his thinking although preferring to think of it as a bikini top.  As I stitched I was having serious doubts.  DH spent ages on the computer finding out what it was one evening - as you can see from the picture, it's a bonnet!  Now in our defence there aren't many bonnet wearers in Manchester!!  Honestly, how daft did I feel when he told me?!  It is a very cute design and I love the bluebird.

Nicola over at stitchingbyacornishseashore is having a double giveaway.  After a long walk, her dogs were exhausted which made her think about the funny positions people and pets sleep in.  Go and have a look as the charts she is offering are beautiful!

This is what Smudge decided to do tonight.  He WAS having the sofa despite Colin and Luke having it.  Smudge is very definitely Colin's cat.  For him, he is a real lap cat - for the rest of us, unless we are feeding him all we get is a look of complete disdain.  It's not often though that Colin ends up with Luke snuggled one side and Smudge snuggling the other.


Nicola said...

Smudge is such a cutie.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I can see why you were confused by the picture!
I guess it's all curlers and headscarfs a la Hilda Ogden up your way LOL.

Brigitte said...

The bonnet piece looks gorgeous!
Thanks for not having word verification on.

Veronica said...

ROFL! I can definitely tell why you were confused. Glad you figured it out in the end ^.^ Very cute photo of Smudge :)


Rowyn said...

Really cute pics of Smudge! :-)