Saturday, 13 August 2011

A new finish

This must be a record - 3 posts in one day!

This afternoon Rachael was having a root through my WIP/UFO box which I'd left out and discovered the Westie I had made a start on for her.  She was so thrilled with the progress so far that she gave me a big hug, big kiss and told me I was the best mum EVER! Well who could resist carrying on with something after that.  I knew that it wouldn't really take long to complete the stitching, it was only a diddy chart after all.  The funniest bit was the countdown from 36 stitches 27 to go, 24, 17 etc.

Cross Stitch Crazy magazine
Once it was finished she had a root through my fabric and ribbon boxes having decided she wanted it finished the same way as 'love you to the moon'.  The cube was one I had bought at some time and I didn't find it as easy to work with as the one I made.  It seemed much softer.

Rachael chose all the colours for this.
Incidentally the cushion behind is one Rachael made at
school last year.  Her first ever attempt!
I have never made a ribbon like this and although it isn't perfect, I am really pleased with how it turned out.  Rachael is ever so chuffed with it so I am glad I caved in to her and finished it.  Of course now I need to do something small for Luke so if you know where there are any free charts of Man Utd players or at least in red, let me know!


Vicki said...

First off this Westie is adorable.

Thanks for your comment on CSAL. Please check the comments over there... I've noted the changes that I made in case you want them. Vicki

CrazyStitcher said...

The Westie is gorgeous, and looks stunning on the cube.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lovely job!

Meari said...

Love the ribbon! How did you make it? Your cube turned out adorable. You are the bestest mum ever :)

Angharad said...

That looks fab! I too would love to know how to make the ribbon? Any chance of a tutorial in your next post? :D

Azzie x