Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Blog Frog

After seeing the link on Daffycat's blog, I have signed up for Theblogfrog too. It should be great to see everyone's blogs and hopefully I will discover some new blogs too.

How's this for customer service? I emailed The Daylight Company about my bulb dying on me so shortly after purchase and was told that they don't guarantee the bulbs because it depends on how often and for how long they are used etc. In the post today was a new bulb free of charge from them. Fantastic customer service from them and I can get back to some stitching...woohoo!!

Thank you for all your comments on my new job, I really appreciate them. I'm really excited but a bit apprehensive too. It's very different to what I have been doing in school but is going to be a role where I could really make a different to someone's achievement in school.


Bev said...

CONGRATS ON THE JOB!!! oops didnt mean to shout that loud lol
i do 8 hours a week voluntary at local school as well as working in a school being a catering supervisor, i just wish i could get in on the class room side, but one day i will goign to get on a course in jan hopefully!
and lucky yougettig a free bulb i know its only a bulb but i never get anywhere when i complain!

Daffycat said...

I've found Blog Frog lots of fun. I hope you like it too.

Great news on the new free bulb! Those things are sooo expensive!

Chiloe said...

Wonderful customer service ;-)

Claire said...

That's good customer service,I can't do without my lamp.

Carolyn NC said...

Congrats on the job!!! Glad to hear you'll get a new bulb, too. :)