Saturday, 29 August 2009

Lost kitten

We found a little lost kitten last Sunday, or rather it found us. The poor mite wandered into our back garden during the afternoon. It poured down all afternoon with it just sat under our car to keep dry. We all hummed and haaed as to what to do with it - obviously we were hoping that it would toddle off home again. Unfortunately it sat there and sat there. Eventually we decided to pop it in the shed. We can't have it in the house because we already have three cats and we didn't want to upset the balance. We found an old box and some jumpers and towels to make a bed up for it and got some food and water. He was quite happy to spend most of his time in the shed although he had open access to the outside. We didn't close the door completely. He settled down immediately and was quite happy there. The kids are absolutely besotted with him. Rachael gave him a really good brush through and cuddled him to bits. I have never seen a cat or kitten so friendly and so obviously craving human company. You only have to look at him and he starts to purr.

On Monday we put up posters and made some flyers. We took them all round the houses (in the pouring rain!) We rang all the rescue shelters, police station, vets etc and no-one has reported him as missing. One of the rescue shelters wanted £20 to take him in! Finally today, a lovely lady from the RSPCA came to the house and she has taken him. She thinks there will be no trouble in rehoming him as he is so friendly. The fact that he is so good with the children will stand him in good stead and he has such a loveable face too! I am so glad that he will be going to a good home in the next couple of weeks. Rachael was a little disappointed that he was gone when she got home from her sleepover but both the kids are glad he will get rehomed.

On a stitching front, I am working on a very old WIP/UFO. It is called My Child and has a lovely verse that for some bizarre reason makes me cry every time I read it in full. I wanted to put a piccie up of it but Colin has got the camera at the moment. I have completed the border and am about half way through the verse. Hopefully I will have it finished in the next week, but I need to get my assignment done too so may not! It's so gorgeous though, I have been wondering how it ever became a WIP in the first place!


Bronny said...

awwww Kittens are so cute.
You did the right thing, protecting it for the weekend - now it has a chance to bring joy to another family.
Looking forward to seeing your progress on your stitching.

Carolyn NC said...

Glad the kitten will be ok. I'm looking forward to see your pics!

Kristin said...

Can't wait to see the pics of "My Child". Glad you were able to help the kitten.