Sunday, 1 March 2009

Daylight Lamp

Yesterday, I turned on my stitching lamp and all it did was flicker a few times and die on me. Arrggggghhhh, I thought. Is it the bulb or is it the actual light? Thankfully on closer inspection, the bulb was black near the bottom end. Just a new bulb needed then! A quick search online reveals that the bulbs are £14.99 each!!! I can buy a new lamp for £30, how can a bulb so much?? Still never mind, I NEED my lamp so a quick trip to Hobbycraft this morning and I am back stitching. Just as well really because the Cross Stitch Crazy month long SAT starts today.


CindyMae said...

Hope you get that bulb fast! Being without good light for stitching is never a good thing!

Lindsay said...

And I thought £3.99 for a new bulb was bad enough! I learnt my lesson on that along time ago when mine went on a Saturday night before a Bank holiday and now keep a spare in all the time

Jo said...

Day light bulbs are expensive! I invested in a low energy daylight bulb, it was about the same. It's actually brighter than a regular blue daylight bulb, and I always feel smug about it being low energy. But it would be a nightmare if it blows!!

Good on your for applying to Uni - good luck for the application process