Monday, 7 July 2008

Kids Fun Ideas Show in Manchester

We saw this advertised in the local press a while ago and thought it would be fun to do and might give us some different ideas of things to do with the kids in the holidays. The tickets were really well priced. It was £6 for an adult but another adult could go free of charge. Kids were free! The show ran from 10-4 on the Sunday (not sure what times it was for the Saturday.)

When you got there you could go and collect goody bags. One for the parents and another for the children. They were full of money off vouchers etc and came in very handy. Actually in the hall itself were various stands some with free competitions to fill in, colouring sheets and all with loads of information regarding different areas including Bolton, Bury, Stockport, Manchester, The Wirral and loads of others and some from specific companies - Haven, NSPCC etc. As well as all these there was a stage for 20 minute presentations by various exhibitors. The first one we watched was "Chemistry with cabbage". It was fabulous! We got loads of ideas for chemistry experiments using things around the home and kitchem. Have a look at the website for the recipes. They are well worth a go - especially the elephant's toothpaste one although that may be best done outside............just in case!!! My 2 can't wait to try them.........what a shame we don't break up for another 3 weeks yet.

There were also some singers and dancers from a couple of shows that you could go and see in or near Blackpool who were pretty good too. The overall favourite though as far as the children were concerned were Haven. A few of the party dances from our holiday soon put them back in the holiday spirit. It seems ages since we went away.

All the staff on the stands were very friendly and knowledgable and made it a great day out. The only downside was that we hadn't anticipated being there for so long and hadn't taken a packed lunch with us. The food and drink was extortinate! Can of coke £1, chocolate muffin £2.05, chocolate cookie £2.10, small roll with various fillings £2.50, Mars bar 80p and get this one.........£1.60......that is not a typo...........£1.60 for a bag of crisps!!!! Needless to say we had a late lunch elsewhere in the end.

Hats off to the First Aid team. My daughter has Type 1 diabetes and needed to do a finger prick to check her levels. They gave us somewhere to sit and even gave us a sharps bin to use! Well done guys!!

This is the first time we have seen this show advertised so I don't know if it is a new thing but it was a fantastic day out and we will definitely go again next year if it is on.

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