Saturday, 10 May 2008

May update

  1. Complete Sunday Cricket and find a suitable mount for it. (Found frame) I have finished the design but struggling to find a mount.

  2. Start "How does your garden grow" which is a mystery stitch from Papillon Creations. I would like to complete first 2 parts of this. Done

  3. Continue with Bothy Threads Cut Thru Garden Shed for the Crossstitchcrazy SAT in May and try to beat my total from last month.

  4. Stitch one cat from Cat's Alphabet which is my oldest WIP/UFO. Disaster struck. Where this has been a UFO for so long the fabbie has faded and the whole project needs to be ditched!
That's my May update so far - some good some very bad!
Here is a pic of "How does your garden grow?" with part 1 and 2 completed. I am so pleased with how this looks so far and I am finding some of the speciality stitches much easier than I thought they would be. I can't wait to get started on part 3. I submitted it to the Papillon website so you can see it there too!

Rachael was given a cross stitch kit for her birthday and we started it today. She has picked it up really quickly so I am pleased with that. I had visions of me tearing my hair out with her or it. I have posted a pic below of her progress so far.

With the nice weather we have been having we have been playing cricket out on the front. Well a version of it anyway! Luke is really good at hitting the ball and is pretty good at catching too. Rachael needs a bit of practice yet. It has been great fun getting out after such a miserable spring. Luke would now like to join a cricket team so we will have to have a look around for one although it may be a bit late for this season.

Rachael's pump start is going well. Her levels have been much more level on the whole and we are loving being able to give tiny corrections when she is only slightly out of range. Set changes are proving to be ok apart from removing the old set. Easing it of in the bath seems to be working ok. I asked Rachael how she was finding not having injections all the time and she was really enthusiatic about the pump.

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