Sunday, 18 May 2008

Crossstitchcrazy stitchathon

This week has been the crossstitchcrazy stitchathon for the month. My totals for the week are:
Monday - 529 stitches
Tuesday - 201 stitches
Wednesday - 466 stitches
Thursday - 85 stitches
Friday - 546 stitches
Saturday - 870 stitches
Sunday - 699 stitches
Below is the progress I have made this week during the stitchathon. The first page is now completed and next month for the stitchathon I will be moving up to the top of the design. This page is actually the only page that is solid stitching. I decided to leave all the backstitch to the end so that it keeps the sharpness at the end. There is so much of it that it will be a real challenge to complete it.
Rachael has been on her pump for nearly 2 weeks now and is loving it. She has "missed" over 50 injections and is doing all of her own set change with the exception of actually inserting the needle herself. Last night we had a bit of a disaster. For some bizarre reason we couldn't reattach the tubing after her bath. Between me, her and her dad we spent about 20 minutes trying. Eventually we gave up and did a set change. This time there was blood all through the tubing and when we whipped off the set quickly there was a pool of blood on Rachael's leg. Considering how scary it was, Rachael was really good about it. We had a little chat about it afterwards and explained to her that a pump is similiar to injections in so much that sometimes things don't go as smoothly as we would like and that sometimes injections were painful for example. Rachael really is a superstar!!
Luke has been a bit poorly this week. Wednesday night/Thursday morning he was vomitting for England. He is ok now though I don't think he will be wanting baked beans for a while though!!
We had a lovely day today (well I'm not sure that the children would agree!) We have been clothes shopping for our holiday. We went to the big Asda Walmart at Eastlands, they had some great stuff for fab prices. Unfortunately, next door is a big Next with a clearnace shop in it. Although their stuff is really well made and wears well they are a lot more expensive than Asda. Still the children were pleased with all their bits and pieces.

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