Sunday, 10 August 2014

Stitching and our allotment

There has been a little stitching this week.  Sadly there is nothing to show for Home of a Needleworker as everything I stitched needs unpicking as I stitched it one stitch the right...argggh!

More happily, I spent a day playing with the silks for Gardens of London and this is where I am at the moment.  I am alternating between algerian eyelets and dense Rhodes stitches.  There are a LOT of the dense Rhodes stitches!

This is the bit of progress to Rue Paris.  I am pulling out the gridding as it is driving me up the wall!  I am finding the chart easy to follow and progress is quite good.  This is approximately 1000 stitches or around quarter of the first page.  There 50,000+ stitches in total!

Haberdasher's is rolling along nicely and I am loving stitching this.  I am considering converting the kits I have to DMC and kitting them up myself.  I really can't believe the difference stitching one of the Cut Thru's with DMC rather than the madeira from the kits is making to my stitching. 

Gaynor of StitchersAnon is having a Mystery Halloween SAL which starts tomorrow.  She has been tormenting us with lots of freebies and I actually finished one.  It's a really cute design which I stitched on Sparklies Pumpkin Patch.  There is still time to join up if you want to.  If you click on on StitchersAnon, it will take you straight to the page you need for the information on the SAL.  She has assured us that each part is easily stitched in the week before the next part comes out.

Another thing you may be interested in if you are on facebook is The Pumpkin Seed Stitchers group.  This is a Halloween group that is having guest designers provide a design a month for the year.  There are amazing designers lined up but I am not sharing anything else with you.  If you want more information, you will have to go and investigate!!!

On the non stitching front, I thought I would share a couple of photos of our allotment at the moment.  In the bed bottom left are the few lettuces we have left that haven't bolted, the courgettes and squashes.  The plot behind Luke has our late potatoes in which will hopefully provide potatoes for Christmas dinner. Under the netting on the right are cabbages and cauliflowers with the runner beans at the back there.  Compared to everyone else, we grow a LOT of runner beans and so far we have picked 5.35kg of beans (and there are a lot more to come yet!) We need another freezer!

Here is a close up of my favourite vegetable of all...the runner bean :)  You can just see our sweetcorn in the bottom left hand corner too.  They need to get a move on!


Linda said...

Your allotment looks amazing Sharon. About the only thing we can grow out back is weeds.
I had been looking at Rue Paris and was very excited when I saw you stitching it. I think next payday I will get it and we can do a SAL if you want.
Gardens of London is gorgeous but way to much work for me. I like simple.


Minnie said...

Not only do you have beautiful stitched pieces your green thumb is showing with that luscious garden.

KimM said...

WOW - enticing me with another SAL…..I'd better pass, as much as I'd love to join in - I'll keep watch over your blog to see the SAL progress. As always, lovely stitching. Rue PAris is beautiful.

Angela P said...

Love your Gardens of London project :) Cute Halloween finish and your garden is impressive :)

Brigitte said...

Your projects all look so great. Wonderful progress on them.
You will be so pleased with all the vegetables from your own garden. What a treat.

Annette-California said...

Love seeing all your beautiful progress on your wips. So Gorgeous!
WOW your garden is amazing. I couldn't get anything to grow this year. Congrats on getting those incredible veggies to grow:)
love Annette

Mii Stitch said...

Great progress on your wips :)

Katie said...

Beautiful stitching. Keep it up! Lovely garden too.

Shirlee said...

I agree ... you have a green thumb! Lovely stitching too : )

Suz said...

Gardens is looking beautiful already.

And your real life garden is phenomenal!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You've made a great start on Gardens of London, very inspiring!

I've never stitched with Madeira, I have a few skeins which were magazine freebies but have never used them.